O.Y.D., rockers and other animals, interview

Thank you for your time guys! How the birth of O.Y.D happened?!

Back in 2012 Orestis, our frontman met Jack the guitar player and start jamming together, after that the bass player George and Steve came along.


What O.Y.D stands for?
It stands for One Year Delay the full name of the band… We prefer O.Y.D by the way


All the artists, also tend to draw inspiration from many art exhibits except from music. Does this also happen to your music?

Of course, everything that happens all around the globe attends to inspire us to write music and lyrics.



“Indigo” is out! What's your best memory from the recording process?

It’s a tone of memories but if we have to pick one that’s definitely the morning coffee with Fredrik and messing around with tones and ideas.

After your collaboration with Fredrick Nordstrom, and by working with studios from USA to Sweden, do you feel more mature as artists?

Of course! And besides that, the co. Operation with guys like Toby and Fredrik helped us not only be a mature artist but gradually started getting us closer to what is called personal sound.

O.Y.D., rockers and other animals, interview

How about the inspiration for Indigo? What's the new stuff that brings to the table that you thing differentiates it from the majority of the newest releases in the scene?

It took us almost 4 years to make Indigo, after many lineup changes and stuff…
Finally, 5 completely almost people brought their souls and ideas to the table so Indigo got its finally form. As for the second half of the question we try to stay away from music trends and that came physically at the writing process.

How you thing the music industry affected by COVID-19?

One of the worst things for music industry lately, we hope we are getting back to normal soon bit till then let’s listen to music and support artists everywhere.

What's the next day for O.Y.D?

Restarting from where we stop by supporting Indigo by playing gigs and also creating some new music.

Anything you would like to share with your fans?

Stay safe, wash your hands and listen or play music!