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The Greek heavy rockers Minorfase, one year after their debut EP “Thoughts”, released the new album entitled "5 Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening”.
The band was born when Nikos and Angelus met Elijah in Thessaloniki in 2005
and managed an explosive combination of their influences that did not go unnoticed. Heavy rock style with deep southern caps and dirty, low-sounding guitars. The English verse and the Clean Vocals that accompany you are accompanied by Metal and Grunge rhythms with a special base on the melody and giving shape to the special and distinctive character of the band. In 2016 their first demo "As I am" was released followed by the EP titled "Thoughts" as said before.

Hi guys and welcome on Rocker And Other Animals. First of all, give us some info about the band's background just to let people know you better.
Every one of us has been playing music for many years participating in cover and tribute bands. That was the way that we met each other actually back in 2005. Nikos, Elias and me (Angelos) have been playing together ever since in many different cover bands.
In 2016 we decided to put down all our ideas and compose our own music. In November 2016, the first demo of the band 'As I am' was released and in the summer of 2017 the debut EP entitled '' Thoughts '' was released.
We have also released videos for the songs 'THOUGHTS' and 'MONEYMAKER', which already count thousands of views.
The band needed a drummer that could follow and contribute to the fast musical growth that we were experiencing. With Sakis' entry on the drums in the summer of 2017 the band climbed to a higher level and found its character.
We immediately composed new music which led us here, to the release of our 2nd album ‘’5 Symptoms of spiritual awakening’’.


How would you describe your music to someone who doesn't know you yet? Is that the style that defines "Minorfase" or there's room for experimentation in the future?
For a new listener we would say that our style is in the sphere of heavy rock music.
We have successfully combined our influences and in every song you can notice elements of metal, hard and southern rock as well as grunge and progressive rhythm sections combined with distinct vocal melodies.
We always leave room for experimentation and we believe that this is one of the key factors that drive us forward.


Did the members of the band participate in other projects or bands in the past and what kind of music did they play?
Nikos and myself have played guitar and bass in many cover bands playing classic rock and metal as well as blues and folk music.
Ilias as well has a long experience of cover bands not only as a vocalist but also as a drummer and bass player mainly covering classic rock and metal music.
Sakis is also a very experienced drummer having created and participated in bands playing progressive and Nu- metal tunes.

What were the biggest difficulties that you encountered in producing and releasing your debut album? Are those difficulties going to affect the way you'll handle things in a future release?
Each one of us has settled in using particular gear as far guitars, bass, amps and drums are concerned. So, our main goal was to capture perfectly our sound and combine it as physically as possible.
After having tried many different mics and techniques and with the help of experienced engineers we believe that in our album we have succeeded in capturing our true physical sound.
We now have the experience and knowledge of reproducing this great result in the future and develop it.

How does the whole songwriting process work for you? What are the emotions you want people to receive when they hear your music?
The songwriting is a combined process. Each individual brings forward to the rehearsal an idea that may be a guitar or bass riff or even a drum section or a small vocal line. And then we let our chemistry do the rest! We record the rehearsal, study it and return with new ideas to the next session.
When a song is ready we always perform it live before we proceed to the final recording, in order to get feedback from the audience. We want people to get moved by our melodies and lyrics and to get carried away by the aggressive rhythms. When we see that from our audience then we know that the song is ready for recording.

 Minorfase, "5 Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening”, interview

"5 Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening”, talks about the five symptoms of the spiritual awakening: life, death, peace, magic, nature, a very interesting topic. How was the concept of this work conceived?
As I mentioned before the band needed a drummer that could follow and contribute to the fast musical growth that we were experiencing. When Sakis joined the band, from the first moment that we jammed together we sensed a deep bonding that made it self stronger and clearer every time we played together. We considered that state of the band as an awakening that had not only musical but also spiritual status.

We then began to compose music on the general base of spiritual awakening and through out many alternative options we chose these 5 topics as the most important and we embedded them in our songs. That was the birth of ‘’5 Symptoms of spiritual awakening’’.

What are the greatest sources of inspiration for your lyrics and music? With which spirit and which mood?
You probably know that life in Greece has been hard for the last years. We all try to support our families, our friends and ourselves. Every day people face really difficult situations that take significant part in their future lives.
Our lyrics and music spring from these everyday situations that try to take control of our lives but also from the strong inner will to react and overcome them.

Are there musicians who particularly inspired you? Are there artists who inspire your music?
Yes of course there are. We were always drawn to the style of Alice in chains, Soundgarden and Tool but we always carry with us the musical roots given by Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin.


How important do you think social media has been to your band?  What do you think of this internet era for the musical scene?
Social media are undoubtedly the main means of publicity these days. They have helped us spread our music and get recognized all over Greece. We believe that social media are a powerful tool which when used carefully can offer significant help to a new band in promoting their work.
Of course we should never underestimate the impact of a good live show.
People still take very seriously live performances, which is a positive thing that helps those who truly work get recognized.

What kind of message you want to transmit with your music? What do you hope people continue to take away from your songs?
Generally our songs cauterize everyday life situations and the thousands of mixed feelings that cause to people. We want people every time they listen to our music to take a part of the energy that we have given in it and use it through out their difficult days in order to help themselves see things through a more positive angle.

Thanking you for your time, how do you want to end this interview?
First of all we would also like to thank Rockers and Other Animals, and specially you Valeria for this opportunity.

Lastly, we would like to close this interview by saying that, the last years have been very productive for the Greek local scene, with many excellent bands that made their debut. We hope that people will start to support the local scenes more warmly, which we believe is the only way to keep rock n’ roll alive.



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