“Madhouse Hotel" is the first full-length of MADHOUSE, the rock band roled by the singer Federica Tringali. After the release of the EP 'You Want More' in 2015, which received excellent reviews from both the public and the critics, it is now the moment for this typically rock work, produced by DysFUNCTION Productions (Fear Factory, Logan Mader, Dan Korneff, Alteria, Logical Terror, Klogr, Trick or Treat).

Hi guys and welcome on Rockers And Other Animals’ pages.
Do you want to introduce yourself?

FT) Hello everyone, we are MadHouse and we are a female frontend hard rock band from Pavia, Italy.

“Madhouse Hotel" is interesting, can we say it’s a concept album? Each track correspond to a room. In somehow at first glance I can think of American Horror Story.
Does each room have a side where something is hidden or is it intended as a song in each room?

FT) Each room represents a song, each room represents a different part of life yet belonging to the same period and the same person, just like the 10 rooms belong to the same hotel.
What is hidden, or rather not defined, is the reaction that the guests of the room will have. Will they recognize themselves in the chosen room? Will they find a connection?  Will they change room? Will they choose even more than one? This is the hidden part. Who knows?

If you could describe the album with three adjectives, what would they be?

FT) True, powerful, positive.


What would you say is the message of “Madhouse Hotel”?

FT) The message of the album is enclosed in the key of the "MadHouse Hotel" that gives access to the rooms.
The key symbolically represents the capacity of choice that each of us has to live our lives to the fullest.  It is an invitation to look inside oneself, sometimes fighting one's own fears and insecurities, to better understand what surrounds us and to really undertake the path of life that most represents us and can make us happy.

A pleasant, powerful and alluring record, how long did it take you to compose it and what is most important to you between arrangements, lyrics and melody?

FT) It took us about a year and a half to write and record the album.  Filippo and I worked a lot in the studio with our producers. It was a very creative and very professional experience.
Arrangements, lyrics and melody are all important because they belong to a single project. They are complementary.

Five members in the band, each of you with different musical backgrounds. How much do they influence their musical experiences and if you have one or more bands that inspire you.

FT) We have a very heterogeneous musical background. We don't have a precise band that inspires us. Let's say that the bands we like the most are Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper, Nirvana.

It's been four years since your debut EP "You Want More". What has changed in the way you compose and if something has changed in your artistic style.


FT) A lot has changed since the EP "You Want More". Working with DysFUNCTION Productions we had the opportunity to test ourselves, to find new sounds, to grow, to experiment until we created something that really represented us.
We wanted a heterogeneous album, catchy but never obvious. Eclectic in sounds and contents, with an international appeal. We are very happy with the result because it is exactly what we had in mind.

What do you want to convey to those who listen to your album?

FT) No matter what happens in life. Never give up, never surrender because it is always possible to change things and reborn.



Two questions for Filippo. 
First- Your way of 'keeping' the stage is remarkable and as well as live, you also keep it on the album. You're the mainstay of the band. Besides playing the guitar, do you participate in the writing of the lyrics?

FA) I participated in the writing of the melodic lines and every single step of the album. Only the lyrics are completely written by Federica, with whom I have been collaborating since 2005. We're a great team, tight-knit and coordinated.

Second- Are there any techniques or preferences you use a lot?

FA) Although I love guitarists like Slash, Steve Vai and Satriani, I love the warm and not-so-stringent sounds like those used by Richie Sambora, Nita Strauss, Nickelback.
I love everything that conveys a warm and enveloping sound. On a rhythmic level, I prefer to have low and mid sounds rather than high frequencies.

Are you planning a promotional tour? If so, where will we have the opportunity to listen to you?

FT) The promotion of the album began immediately in conjunction with the release of the album and so the tour began with the showcase and provides live that will touch both Italian and European cities. We have just returned from dates in Croatia, Hungary and Czech Republic.
Now we'll do other dates in Italy to leave for abroad in the autumn.
The most upcoming dates are June 16, Festival delle Periferie in Sestri Ponente (GE) and June 22.    
 Arcore Street Festival in Arcore (MB).
Our calendar is always updated on our website under the heading "tour dates".

Thank you for your time and do you may have any message you’d like to send to your fans to wrap up this interview?

FT) Thanks to your editorial staff for the support you give to our project and a greeting to all readers! We invite you not only to our live shows but also to listen to our new album "MadHouse Hotel" which is available on all digital stores.  Follow us on our website and on social networks as "madhouse rockband".