Love Machine, one of the historical bands in the Italian metal scene, thirty years of career, born at the end of the eighties, lineup changes, three albums, live shows and sharing stages on the tours with W.A.S.P, Saxon, and Gotthard.  
I got to know Frank Raider by chance two years ago, a very kind person. Then I met the rest of the band and I must admit they are really exquisite guys. Let's be honest, how many artists like Love Machine who can boast years of career, keep it real? The band, is recurring more and fiercer on the music market with the great metal rock new album "Universe Of Minds", released online on 02 February, while physically it twill release on 23 February 2018, for the Italian label Volcano Records. 
It is with great pleasure that Rockers And Other Animals hosts Love Machines.

Hi guys, welcome to the pages of Rockers And Other Animals, first of all the due and deserved compliments for the new album, a truly exceptional work that could not be otherwise.
I would start this interview talking about the album, how "Universe Of Minds" is born?
Well.. After some sleeping years....) we had some new songs composed some years ago...and with the new line up we found the way to compose and arrange others new songs in a better and faster time.
How much time did you need to write materials in recording the new album?
We spent around last two years for compose and arrange new and old songs... we went in studio at June until September 2017...

Who of you deals with lyrics and who write music?
Well.. For the music usually someone of us have the first idea, a guitar riff or a melody and after all the band work on it,
For the lyrics.... Rob and Andrew are our poets and they work on the material.

What are the greatest sources of inspiration for your lyrics and music?
First the great love and passion for the music, especially for rock music)
For the lyrics, we found inspiration from facts every situation, every problems and facts about our time.
“Anyway” is one of my favorite song, a dynamic transportation into your heavy sound, would you like to talk about this piece?
Anyway was born with Max guitar riff.... it was not so metal riff at the beginning, it seemed like a punk riff And we need some time to find how to go on..
One day we found the melody of the refrain and after this was all much easy...

“Journey” has a sci-fi atmosphere, for this song, what have you been inspired by? It is different from the rest of the album; at least it’s just my opinion.
Journey was an old song composed by Frank and Andrew long time ago around the 2002/2003  but wasn’t finished.. They did them at home recording of that song We listened it and so we decide to use it for the new album because it’s a great song)

In a balance between arrangement, lyrics and melody, which is most important to you? 
Well.. Every part is important of course, we love punch, melodies and good arrangements first all.

And between technique and feeling?
Feeling of course!!

Do you feel more comfortable in a recording studio or on a stage?
We love work in studio and, create new songs... See them born step by step...   but first at all we are a live band, the stage is our home) …  all what we did in those years.

Are there musicians who particularly inspired you? Are there artists who inspire your music?
Of course every one of us had own music influences, and for us the 80/90 years was our school... in rock music and not...

Over the years there have been times when the band has stopped, there have been a couple of reunions, a live album and some line-up changes. 
What was the spark that acted to understand that the new members of the band were the right ones?
We still don’t know it, joking… it’s easy to find musicians but is too difficult to find people with same ideas and objectives... and compatible characters. Love machine was always be a family and finally now is a great family.

What is the strength that drives you every day to keep playing?
The emotion we have when we are on stage... when meet fans, when we see them singing your songs...

Are you more followed in Italy or abroad? 
No one of them… joking
Oh...  We are in Italy, as well we hope to reach good results with this new album and play in more countries...

To support "Universe Of Minds" are you planning some concerts even outside Italy as well?
We are starting right now with a little Italian and Swiss tour... we hope can play a lot and everywhere...

Nowadays there are so many new bands but old school always conquers real big names I mean. In your opinion, why the new bands can't reach the success and rise from the underground? 
Well isn’t easy now to reach the success...  Every day people try to find money for to eat.. Is impossible thing they can buy a cd…
So... now is possible to find and download music for free by internet without spend money and so the musician work for free…
We spent one year in studio for compose and recording the new album, we produce our music... Lyrics, graphics, bureaucracy  things, organize things with record company, management, booking agency... things like that.
Universe of minds was in sales online on 2 Feb.... we find it online for free on 3 Feb.
No words about......

What would you say to people who prefer to continue supporting the known artists and not the emerging ones?
Good question. Of course, we are musicians and we listen all what the music market can offer us in a rock music and not... and we hear good things and bad things...
In the emerging bands can find more good things but more bad ones.. Cause the market selection is very low. Everyone can record a home cd and put it on market by internet. So u can find a bad quality music around...
So is difficult for a usual rock fan have the patience to hear and listen new bands...
But of course we would tell them to promote the new bands.

What is your opinion in the new way of listening to music in the internet age? Did not we lose something in the approach between the search for music and the music itself?
Internet and social media has changed the music market... a band now can realize and try to promote his job for free or low costs and more people can listen your music...
But in this way we killed the music market...