Lasse Bjerkan, ex-lead guitarist of Suicide Bombers, released his first solo mini album “Iconic Soul”. Rockers And other Animals had the pleasure to interview him, where Lasse told me about his album, out on 6th December 2017.
Hi Lasse, a warm welcome on Rockers And Other Animals’ pages.  First of all, would you like to describe yourself and your sound to someone who has not heard you before?
L- Thanks so very much for having me! Yes, as you’ve already mention i left my band a while ago and over the last few years i recorded a lot of songs and ideas so i wanted to release some of those.
I’m located in Oslo, Norway and been in various bands mostly Hard rock, Sleaze glam kinda things.

Congratulations for your album, I really love it, its sound is so typically good hard rock, no fineries, no social issues, just good and rough rock.
L- Thanks so very much! 

What’s the idea behind the album “Iconic Soul”?
The idea behind this album is actually just to make music that's on my mind without worrying about any rules. I’ve been a bit sick of the music industry that force you to make songs that is about 3:30 and contains always the same structure verse - chorus - verse - chorus - solo etc. I mean it's nothing wrong with that but its not the only way to make good music. I’m a fan of those old bands for example Yes and Zep that makes songs that is just great music, it doesn't matter that a song is 1 minute or 20 minute long whatever fits the music and song. I want to challenge the listener to listen closely.
Another thing that is important for me is to play music straight from my heart and also don't overproduce and not use layered multiple takes so the personality disappear. In my ear the perfect take is that take that express feelings and not the take that is mathematical correct.
Yes, you’re right this time it's no social issues but I can't promise that it will be this way the next time hahaha I have so much on my mind. We’re living in a really bad world.

How much time was spent working on the album?
L- The album took many years to create. I remember for example “I Don’t Care” was mostly finished about 5 years ago, I just added the mid part/solo afterwards to make it a little more than just a normal rock n roll tune. It's been a ton of fun doing this but also very much work ofc.

Do you have a favorite song on the album and why?
L- Ohh it's hard for me to choose a favorite song cause they all are very special to me for different reasons. You know it's kinda my baby. But if i have to choose just one song I think it have to be “Journey to Eternity” that was the first song that i finished recording for this album and this song is very important and emotional song for me.

Now that “Iconic Soul” has been released, do you have other plans for the 2018?
L- I’ve already started writing for the next record. I still have a lot on my mind music wise so there will be more songs from my side. I also want to release Iconic Soul on vinyl, its a presale campaign going on as we speak

Who are your main influences? I’ve heard Aerosmith’ inspirations, in “Love Poison” for example. How the band is musically grown?
L- I have a lot of different influences, yes Aerosmith is one of my biggest influences ofc, Steven Tyler is like a god for me, as a songwriter, musician, showman and human being, he has it all. Other influences are Led Zeppelin, Yes and Rush, Hanoi Rocks, Guns n roses, Vains of Jenna, Motley Crue and Chester from Linkin Park. All those are bands and musicians that deliver from their heart.
And I must also mention my Norwegian friends “Motorpsycho” they are amazing.

“Journey to Eternity” is one of my favorite song in “Iconic Soul”, the atmosphere in it is simply amazing. Can you tell me something about this piece?

L- This song is very emotional and personal for me. This is one of those songs that just came without any effort, when i was finished i didn't ever remember I wrote it, it really felt so strange. It’s the first song ever i did write on the piano, its very different than writing song on guitar that i know so well. It's also a lot of Mellotrons in there, I so love the sound of Mellotron.

If you’d describe your own style and involve new fans into your music, what do you’d say?
L-Of course its difficult to put the music in genres cause I’m doing so much different stuff here, but it mostly sleazy hard rock but with elements from prog and psychedelic music.

Music in internet era, pros and contras? Don’t you finds somethings went lost respect to the curiosity to find out new bands, new album looking for stuff in record shops?
L- Ohhh it’s so different these days than before. It's much more easy to record and release albums ofc but it's really hard to get people's attention cause there is sooo much going on and most people don't sit down and enjoy and really listen to music now. Before we went hunting for new exciting bands in the record stores and it was so exciting to come back home with a new record.

Thanks for your time, you have space to tell everything you want.
L- Before I go I just want to say, look out for a new awesome hard rock band from Norway “Wildnite” that will release their first album very soon.

It was great talking to you. Catch you later. Take care!
Valeria Campagnale

Lazy  "Journey to Eternity"