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Julian's Lullaby interview


Hello and thank you for your time!

Thank you for the interview and opportunity to present the band!

- What's the inspiration behind the band's name?
It’s a bit of a word game, was searching for a name that would sound a little different and would intrigue someone to listen without really expecting a particular style. Had a friend that was calling me ‘July’ as a nickname but couldn’t find the second part... I really liked ‘Lullaby’ as part of the band’s name, did fit the direction I had in mind, I am a fan of Cure and Lullaby is their first video-clip I watched, it really made an impression back then… Anyway, ‘July’ didn’t sound well with ‘Lullaby’ so ‘Julian’ did the trick! Haha, many people try to figure out who the hell Julian is! 

Which bands "hide" behind your compositions and what still inspires you in these 13 years in the music industry?

Talking about influences… Each one has different likes and tastes, however the 80's and 90’s metal is a common ground. For me it is definitely Iron Maiden, Queensryche and all the classics, but also symphonic, dark wave and folk stuff, remember what an impression bands like Skyclad made to me with the violin having leading role. Of course, we love acts like Therion, Haggard, Nightwish and the like, it’s great when people find similarities with them. Now, talking about motivation, it’s the need to express ourselves, simple as that. I’ve been doing this, being in a band I mean, since high school and still feels great!    

- Your latest album is "Prisoners of Emotion". Would you like to tell us a few things about the concept of the album, the lyrical themes and your best memories from the recording sessions?
“Prisoner of Emotions” is not a concept album, the title track lyrics are written by Anna Spanogiorgou, a good friend that has been contributing lyrics to both albums we have released so far. She is also a fantasy books writer, her style really fits the music very well. Lyrical themes cover fantasy, emotions, light, love and darkness, personal demons and experiences, books or movies we love or just stories that made an impression. For example, “Hell’s Door” (lyrics again by Anna Spanogiorgou) that talks about Darvaza gas crater in Turkmenistan that is burning for more than 40 years. George, our singer (male vocals) had been serving in the army for years, lyrics he is writing reflect that period sometimes.
Have fantastic memories from recording sessions indeed! Birthday cakes, beers and watching videos after rehearsing, remember our first session recording violin for the last album, it sounded sooo incredible, Anna and George (vocals) haven’t had a similar experience before I believe. We also had our own rehearsal space back then and it was really something, acoustic guitars and violin for the album were recorded there you know.


 What's next? Are you currently working on your next album?


Yes! And probably this is the first time we talk about it, the music is almost done. Style and direction are in the same vein with “Prisoner…” but there are also some new things we want to try out. Currently have started working on vocals and melodies, expect we can finish it late next year, still lots of work to do!  

- In your music you managed to combine heavy metal with symphonic and folk elements. How you came up with that, it was because of your different musical influences or it came naturally?
Different influences mentioned above contributed to this no doubt, along with previous bands I have played with. It is kind of a natural development, had been playing from melodic doom-death metal to dark/ neo-classical folk, so when this new project came to mind it was like a chapter finishing and a new one starting.    

Julian's Lullaby, interview
, rockers and other animals

How the "modern metal community" reacts to your music?


To be completely honest, don’t care so much about being “modern” or “up to date” with current trends. I like listening to new bands and know what is going on, this can also be inspirational too, however the most important is to keep up and move on. Metal community feedback is good though, however nowadays our style is not that popular as 10 years ago... But trends change all the time, right?  

Is there a band that you would like to share the stage with?


Hmm, too many to mention maybe, being on stage is most important...


Where do you see Jullian's Lullaby in 5 years from now?


Holding this band together is already an achievement! Live in different countries with other band mates so every opportunity to hang around, gig and make music counts!