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Rocker And Other Animals supports the project of Chinaski Edizioni, Italian independent publishing house that wants to bring back to Italy one of the most beautiful and inspired rock books of all time, today completely revised and updated by the great Nikki Sixx “The Heroin Diaries”, Anniversary Edition.
We have the pleasure to entertain Joe Sixx bassist of the Mötley Gäng-Tribute Official Mötley Crüe’s tribute band, officially recognized by Nikki Sixx on 2015.
Welcome Joe and thank you for this interview. First of all, I would start from the presentation for Mötley Crüe’ fans, and more, tell us something about yourself?
Hi Valeria and to all rock fans! First of all thank you so much for this interview. Well, i'm a real Crüehead since 1981 and Crue's music is a very important side of my life. That's why i play bass in Mötley Gäng and care about Mötley Crüe Italia as president with my shareholder Mary Giordano. I could say that my life is puncuated by the music of Los Angeles's Bad Boys!

I know that you are one of the promoters of this Chinaski initiative, do you want to talk about it? How is born this enterprise?
This is a big opportunities, and is born when Federico Chinaski call and explain me this project. I'm proud to be part of it. The most important thing is: If we couldn't reach the goal of crowfounding we'll miss the opportunity to read in italian THE HEROIN DIARIES 10th Anniversary. We're looking for help to italians rock fans because is a very expensive project and last but maybe most important, even the option to have Nikki Sixx in Milan for a meeting with fans.

Motley Crue, The Heroin Diaries, Anniversary Edition, nikki sixx, Joe Sixx, Chinaski

Chinaski is synonymous with “music to read”, there are many initiatives undertaken by this publishing house but it seems this’s the first crow funding it does, is there a motivation for this?
Yes is the first one.. This only because we are, Chinaski e Mötley Crüe Italia, small reality and the production of this book is very expensive cause is full of photos print in 4 color. I can guarantee that Chinaski put a lot of money but aren't enough, that's why we need help of italians Crue fans!

There is an interesting initiative that accompanies this operation, a series of gifts and gadgets proportionate to the importance of the support that the publishing house will receive, do you want to tell us what are they?
There are different buying option but in everyone people will find a gift. Starting from the first one with the Bad Obsession of Ken Paisli 'till the bigger with 3 book and a puppet Mr. N in 25 pieces limited edition and 3 books! I think that couldn't be better than this!

The Anniversary edition of “The Heroin Diaries” will have a completely renewed cover graphics, an update edited by Nikki Sixx himself, good incentive for this epic project. Could you tell us something in more respect to the new edition?
Yes.. 90 pages brand new.. With new pics and the last 10 years of Nikki.. I can't say too much but.. Are you interested to the last days of Mötley Crüe? Or what happened with Kat Von dee? Rockers.. take this amazing book!

Mötley Crüe’ fans are so many, including me, we had the chance how much they was loved during their last show in Milan for their farewell tour in 2015. So the question is how do you think this book will be accepted in the Italian market? Besides fans, I  mean.
I'm sure about that.. The first edition of 2010 is sold out and so many times people ask at  Chinaski to reprint it.

How much rock culture does it exist in Italy? Is rock music still a niche musical style?
I think TV and radio don't give enough time and space to our music, probably this big networks prefer other kind of things.. Yes is a niche musical style but with big audience at every show. So the people of Rock n Roll is a tribe and really don't care about networks and what they want to put in our brain.

Will “The Heroin Diaries” be available only in the classic version or will it also be available in an e-book as well?
In this moment i can't answer you because i don't  know if we could have it in classic version. First of all we need all together to reach the goal of Crowfounding.

For the occasion, it will be possible, in your opinion, Nikki organizes a series of meetings with the fans in the bookstores?
We're working hard on it and there is a real opportunity to take Nikki in Italy but only if the book will be done in Italy.


About Mötley Gäng, the band you play in, I’ve read
that you are working to a special about Mötley Crüe, do you want to talk about it?
This special will be on TV, Lombardia TV channel 99 and in streaming in all the world the 7th of Febraury at 22 pm and even some review the following days. For all the info take a look on Facebook pages Musik Connections and Joe Sixx. I'm very greateful to Tony Esse and MusicMax, my partnes in this adventure named Musik Connections.


If someone wants to come and see you live, where can you find the dates of your shows?
This is very easy, find and like our page Mötley Gäng tribute Mötley Crüe or ask friendship to my profile Joe Sixx. Here you can find all the news about my band and all the show! I'll wait you all!

Thank you so much for this chat about the book and the time you have dedicated to the interview, do you want to add something? You have all the space you want at your disposal.
I have really to thank you for this interview and this space on your webzine!   I'd like that rock people beleive in this project for the heroin diaries and even to keep the rock music faith alive! And as usual ALL IN THE NAME OF ROCK!!! SEE YA BADASS!!!


Valeria Campagnale


Motley Gang - "Home Sweet Home" - Live@Rock On The Road