Hi In Lacrimaes Et Dolor and welcome into “Rockers and Other Animals” page.

Hello! To begin with, I would like to say thank you to Valeria Campagnale and “Rockers and Other Animals”, which organized this interview and gave us this the opportunity to talk about our project In Lacrimaes Et Dolor!


Your story started ten years ago as a black metal project, then you 'evolved' into the Atmospheric Funeral Doom Death Metal. Why this change of direction?

The change in musical genre is due to the need to express through our music a suite of deep and complex feelings and thoughts, which need a very melodic, melancholic and introspective musical base and songwriting. Also, another reason was a need for some “winds” of changes and discontinuity from other previous musical experiences, that did not yield the expected results.

In 2013 you were the protagonists with the first full-length "Beyond the Grave”, in 2014 you’ve released 2 splits: “In Memoriam” and “Of Poison and Grief”.
From the first full-length to present, how has the band changed?

Our line-up has not undergone many changes over the years, the only recent change is the change of guitarist. I take this opportunity to thank Francesco Castricini for his work and Yuri Fetisov for the opportunity to work together for this project, which for all of us is now a small family.


I was reading in your biography that for this year will be ready a new full-length and two splits, can you anticipate something about it?

For now, unfortunately, this is very private information, but I can say that soon there will be some good news, that will keep us very busy in the coming years.



What do you generally talk about in your lyrics? Is there a particular topic that you prefer to write about?

The topics of our lyrics are: Sadness, Loss, Pain, Loneliness but also some songs have the role of launching important messages towards humanity and society regarding the primordial values of life.

The “extreme metal” in Italy the scene is quite prolific, you as a band of this genre, what peculiarity distinguishes you?

Nowadays, the level of music and of culture began to fall sharply and including music began to gradually degrade. Therefore, our work is the answer to this phenomenon, it is the desire to declare war on degradation and to encourage people to return to the art, to the culture, and to the good music, because culture is our light and our imprints in the history of this world.


What do you want to convey to the audience in terms of emotions?

Our music is literally penetrated by thin, invisible but sensitive threads of pain and despair that torment the soul that has been lost on the road, transporting the abyss to the end, marking the inevitable perdition. Only a thought continues to remain in this empty and sad world where there are daily losses, pain, tears, memories - God is there, He with me, He will save me ... But He the voice is not audible, He is silent, He is silent, prayers and repentances are in vain. One cannot reach Him, one cannot punch this wall of ice of silence - and suddenly God has already refused me, He has defined me about death. In response only empty, a dialogue with himself, unanswered questions, uncertainty, oppressive and frightening ... Rich keyboards, atmospheric insertions penetrating by sepulchral cold and the shattering vocal, that compared to the cry from the heart, and calming down to the recitation, that full tragedians and painful reflections and this is logically added in literal sense with a heavy guitar sound. 



What are your influences?

Our influences are: Shape of Despair, Left in Torment, 1000 funerals, Until My Funerals Began, Until Death Overtakes Me, Ankhagram, Profetus, Pantheist, Saturnus, Tempestuous Fall, Clouds, Skepticism. Mournful Congregation, Krief de Soli, Longing for Down, ecc.



The career of a band, short it may be, is always studded with more or less positive events. Speaking of positive things, what is the episode, or more than one, that has most marked you during your musical growth?

Our most difficult undertaking so far has been the recording of our first album, because it was very demanding from an instrumental point of view and being a beginner, the works were anything but easy and fast. But we never lose heart and we always go forward. I take this opportunity to once again thank Mauro Ulag Mancinelli, Francesco Torresi, Yuri Fetisov, Francesco Castricini, and Ruglud for the titanic work and enormous patience and professionalism.



What are the goals and expectations of Lacrimaes Et Dolor from now on?

Our goals and expectations from now on are to try to change the future of humanity and of the music through our art by launching useful messages to make society aware of the true values of our existence, of our sentiments and thoughts ,of our history and of our ideals dreams.



If some readers would like to listen to you, where can they find you online and especially on stage?

For now, we have no plans to do live concerts, as we work hard on the new material, but you never know for the future. But if you want, you can follow us on:


our official mail


Thanks for your time, now you have space to tell everything you want to our readers. Go!

We want to take this opportunity to thank also our label GS Productions, in the person of Vitaliy Savis'ko and his collaborators, our press-promoter Giulia de Antonis for her invaluable help, and finally we want to thank all those who follow us and listen to us. Stay connect and keep doom on!