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1 - Hello Grande Fox, first of all thank you for sharing this interview with us. Let’s get to know you, who are the members and what position each one of you have in the band.

Hello, it is great pleasure for us talking with you guys and we would like to thank you for giving us this chance. Grande Fox is a band from Thessaloniki which, at that time, consists of 4 members. Our frontman Nikos Berzamanis on vocals, Lefteris Zaoskoufis on guitar, Dimitris Ravikalis on bass and our drummer Dimitris Loukas.

2 - You come from Greece, so tell us how are things there in generally.

Generally in Greece the people and the country is still struggling to recover from the recent financial crisis and this sadly has a difficult impact on all things including the music industry and especially in bands who try to continue doing what they love.
It is really a strange situation with mixed feelings and controversy but also a lot of hope for a better future.
The important thing is for all of us to stay united and work together for solutions to the problem and not consume ourselves over the things that divide us.

3 - Lately you introduce to us a new song called DOCUMENTO and it’s from your upcoming album, tell us few words for this song.

DOCUMENTO is a single album which was released recently about 2 months ago
 This song is a predecessor and an indicator in a way of what you will see in our upcoming album “Empty Nest” which is expected to be released in 2020.
It’s a very powerful song with a powerful message which hopefully will affect and be recognized from all of those people who will listen and understand it.
 Α song with an aggressive character and heavy powerful riffs in which we wanted to express our feelings and especially our concern and anger about the harsh reality of today. Dedicated to those  who have lost their faith and don’t believe to themselves , who search for new paths. Against people and States that look only at their interests and incomes and the pain been caused by them that exists on the world that is being destroyed day after day. Against Elitists.
In this song also there is a lot of maturity and evolution in our music expression while keeping the original Grande fox spirit within.

4 - There’s also an official video, who worked for this video and who’s idea was the whole concept?

When we decided that we have to make a video clip, we  wanted to make it for this song because of the passion we felt about it. That is mainly due to the fact that we sat and discussed all together and we thought about this whole concept. It’s a song with aggressive style and lyrics so we knew what to do to show our rage and our sensitivity in order to pass the message of awakening to people. So, we started to organize it. The next thing we had to do was to find the place and then to rent all the necessary professional equipment and that’s what we exactly did. Regarding the first question, behind this clip, everybody in the band contributed in his own way to big and small details and in generally as a band all together we gave our best to have the best result possible. We have a very strong team spirit and everybody contributes. Also the concept came from all of us together. We started with and idea and then everybody chipped in with his own fantasy to make the concept better. But here we also have to mention our guitarist Lefteris Zaoskoufis, who also happens to work as a cinematographer so generally he is the pillar behind of all our visual productions and he also made the post production of the clip with the help of another cameraman. However, we all worked hard for many hours that day as a team, as Grande Fox, to make it happen and we hope you enjoyed the result. We have to tell you that all the visuals are done by us, we like to be the crew behind the scenes and we enjoy doing so. Maybe that’s why our visual productions stay original showing through them our Grande Fox attitude and spirit.

 Grande Fox, interview, Rockers And Other Animals

5 - When is the new album coming out? And how many songs will be included?

Our new Album “EMPTY NEST” includes 11 songs and it is expected to be released in March of 2020 and it is a very important point in our band’s future.
There is a lot of tremendous effort, sacrifices and dreams involved in that project and we are really looking forward to this with great anticipation and hope.

6 - Why you choose this music style? Any music influences?

Well our style and approach to our music is derived from the combination of all of the band’s members as we all put together our different influences and finding that golden ratio in between.
It is a magical Alchemical marriage you might say which forms the Grande Fox spirit and music style and it makes us all happy and wired up.
Our music influences are so many that includes jazz , funk and etc and goes to metal , hard rock , psychedelic stoner , new metal . We love listening to many different styles of music and that’s why we write music so complicated and original at the same time that leads to a sound character that doesn’t really reminds on any specific style . Its Grande and that’s what really matters...


7 - Tell us also few words for your discography till now.

We would like to make a small prologue about the band’s history first...
Originally the band was created by the name “Fox Terrier” in October 2013, in Thessaloniki, having 4 members and within the first year of its creation the band started performing in various stages and clubs playing cover songs.
After a while the need to create original and authentic music came so the band started putting together ideas, styles, riffs, lyrics and so the first songs started to take form.
Eventually, the band shaped its own character, recording for the very first time its own material, which have a “Space Psychedelic Stoner Heavy Rock” character.
 There upon, the band started rebranding and changed its name to “Grande Fox”.
And so, we come to 2015 where the recording of the first album “SPACE NEST” started and in 2016 it was released featuring 8 tracks alongside with 2 video clips and 1 lyric video.
‘SPACE NEST” is a combination of strong heavy riffs, psychedelic melodies and powerful lyrics and it is inspired by emotional states, experiences and philosophical quests of the band’s members at that time which worked great at the overall outcome.
And then we come to April of 2018 where the band released a second Album entitled "KULNING" (EP) featuring 3 tracks that where made with the collaboration of two very special musicians.
(Angelina Papadopoulou on female vocals and Stephan Keeman at the role of the cellist)
 The outcome was a magic trilogy, a very spiritual attitude that overcomes anyone that listens.
Coming next and up until a couple of months ago we released our 3rd Album “DOCUMENTO” alongside with a video clip.
So, next in line is our new Album called “EMPTY NEST” which is expected to be released in March 2020 and we really look forward to it.

8 - How do you choose your lyrics? What influences do you have to write the lyrics?

Let’s give the floor to our frontman Nikos on this question because the lyrics to all the songs have been written by him.
Hello guys and thank you about this interview. Lyrics! The lyrics are an important piece of this puzzle that narrates a reality and it really comes out of our souls. The truth is that I don’t exactly choose lyrics, but they are coming to my mind spontaneously. Most of the times it is happening when I’m dealing with some strange or difficult situations and experiences, either in my personal life or with Grande Fox, or even if I’m a listener of such an experience like this. At those times, my feelings can be mixed and various words flowing in my mind, so I take a pen and paper and take notes. I could tell that all these facts constitute my influences to write and I will tell you that if you try to give more attention to lyrics you will understand they have a deeper meaning. Nothing has been written by accident! 

9 - Which concert you had till today was your best and why?

In every concert we perform we try to give 100% of our love and dedication on what we do and stand for so really every time we hit the stage is on the same level of importancy no matter how big or small the gig is.
If we have to choose one concert we would say that our concert in BlackLand Metal Club in Berlin Germany was the best because it was our first time performing in Europe so it definitely had a different vibe to it and the people there were awesome and and it was a hell of an experience that’s for sure.


10 - Are you planning for any shows soon?

Yes of course. This period is very important for us because we want to close the year with the best way.  So after our amazing live in Berlin in October, we are preparing for two or three more appearances in December.
 Already regulated shows will be in Xanthi (Greece) at Nostos Club in December 21st and in Athens (Greece) at Black Box Club on December 29th.
More news about upcoming shows is always announced through our social media pages, so you can find us on facebook or on instagram and etc for more information.

11 - And closing please tell us your plans for 2020?

2020 is a very important year for us for many reasons,
First of all we ll have the release of our new album “EMPTY NEST” and there is gonna be also a release of several video clips and lyric videos along with the album.
We also plan to do album presentation in various stages in Greece and outside the country as well and after that we are planning to hit the stages in Festivals and other music shows.
We already have gathered some new material so putting together some new songs for our future album will also be happening in 2020
The thing is that we are always restless and 2020 is gonna be a very active year for Grande Fox.


Thank you so much for answering our questions, we very much appreciate it, we hope to hear from you again and of course to listen to the new album…!!  Good Luck.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share a few words with you and giving us the stand to present our band to more people.
It was a pleasure and we can’t wait to be in contact again after the new releases!!