Geometry Of Chaos, rockers and other animals, interview

Hello Fabio and welcome! Congratulations about your new song Idolatry …really refreshing work! How do you feel about the feedback?

Thank you for your words! OF COURSE I’m glad the track is going well on internet and it is having some great feedback, I hope the other songs will be well appreciated like it too.

Please let us know a few words about the history of the band.

I have started to write some songs for another project with Davide about 6 years ago, but my solo project and his involvement in another band didn’t allow us to record and make something seriously at that time. I have return to the songs and
write more in that kind about 3 years ago and I have called Davide again for recording drums and make the project alive.

Let us know a few things about the recordings and the upcoming album.

The main difference with my solo project is that the album has vocals, it is really song oriented, not just a guitar centered work. We have taken the time to record in our studio with calm and in the meantime other ideas were coming up and a lot of work is very fresh and new. I have played all instruments except Davide on drums, and I have called some of the best singer available to make this record better, cause it is a rock opera and I have needed more singers for more stories.

Geometry Of Chaos, rockers and other animals, interview

How can you describe your own sound?

It is a mix of the influence I have from metal of any kind to progressive rock and hard rock I think. Also Davide is a versatile musician we listen to a lot of different stuff. The sound is aggressive but also melodic if you notice. There is a lot of energy
and groove which were my goals.

What are your main influences?

Metal, prog, rock also some classic and video games soundtrack. There are a lot.

You have a really unique singer. Do you consider this as an advantage or α disadvantage?

Marcello is great, it will be in other two songs on the album too. Having him in the album give us a special sound and it will be great if he doesn’t live in Portugal far away from Italy here

Geometry Of Chaos, rockers and other animals, interview

What is your biggest dream about Geometry Of Chaos?

Keep making the music we want to make and be sincere. Put a lot of passion and work on it and be grateful if someone is appreciating it and take contact with the followers, growing the audience little by little

What are your future plans about live performances?

The period is difficult, with the Covid and everything. There is also the problem to have multiple singers so I’m planning the live for the future but not now

Tell us a few words about the lyrics of the song?

I have tried to examinate how mankind since the beginning of time need Gods and idols to worship. Because we need something to adore and that we consider superior to us and maybe can heal our pains and take care of our souls. Sometimes
I think this is crazy and out of reality, cause too many myths are deliberately created to control the masses..

Please feel free to add anything you wish

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Thank you very much for this interview! Good luck with the band!

Thank you, it was a pleasure!




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