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Which were the first songs you listened to as a kid at home?

I grew up in a musical family where I was exposed to many genres. The music styles I remember listening to the most in my early years apart from traditional Greek music, are Classical and Jazz.
While growing up, I began researching different genres of music and found myself more interested in Rock and Metal.


When did you realize you wanted to become a singer?

I always knew I wanted to be a musician from a very young age and this is what I’ve set out to become. I started out to be a classical pianist but as the years passed, I felt that I had a deeper connection with singing. This doesn’t mean that I consider myself just a singer. The reason I name myself a musician above everything else is because I had the opportunity and interest in learning as much as possible about most ‘branches’ of music like music production, composition, conducting, music business, music therapy, music education etc. Yes, singing is my biggest passion but I love doing everything that evolves around music equally.


How did you work with your voice through the years?

I began Pop vocal lessons at the age of 9 and practiced a lot. A few years later, I also enrolled in Opera lessons which helped broaden my vocal range. I was always intrigued by the vocal cords and their endless potential. To me, attending lessons was not enough; therefore, I researched the biology of vocal cords and the countless techniques taught and used by well achieved singers. By focusing on practicing and bettering myself as a singer, I managed to turn theoretical knowledge into practice.


Who supported you so far in your music journey and how?

I consider myself very lucky because my family, friends, and music teachers have always supported my music journey from day one. Most of all, I always will owe a special thank you to my mother who has never left my side, and pushed me to my limits to accomplish everything that I have so far.


How was your debut work Breaking Infinity  made? Did you also write music and lyrics?

Funnily enough, ‘Breaking Infinity’ was not part of my plans. I always wanted to release an album but I never expected it to come so early on. I had a collaboration with Chris Cara of Soundscape Studios, where we recorded covers of popular songs, when one day, I turned to him and said, I wrote a song.
That’s when we thought: “let’s release a Single”. A month later, the Single became an Album. Perhaps this non-planned way of creating an album is one of the reasons I adore it so much. The music for ‘Breaking Infinity’ was cowritten by myself and Chris Cara, and lyrics where cowritten between myself and Andreas Economides.


 Who was behind the production of Breaking Infinity  and who else helped you out?

Chris Cara not only cowrote music, played the piano on the album, and recorded ‘Breaking Infinity’, but he also produced it. As mentioned above, Andreas Economides cowrote lyrics with me, and Alex
Psaroudakis of NYC Mastering took care of mastering all the songs. The musicians who played on ‘Breaking Infinity’ are Elias Chrysochos (Electric Guitar), Rushil Ranjan (Acoustic Guitar), Nikolas Efthymiou (Violin, Viola), Byron Athinodorou (Bass), and Stefanos Meletiou (Drums). Anton Cinematic was the videographer and director of all the official videos for the album and Marios Sellas was in charge of the graphic designs.


Are you satisfied artistically with the EP as it came out? Would you change anything?

Many people know that I’m a perfectionist so I tend to receive this question quite a lot. Most of the time though, the answer surprises everyone. I adore my EP and would not change a thing about it!
‘Breaking Infinity’ is exactly how it was meant to be. I loved, enjoyed, and learnt a lot from the process, I cherish every single memory created by this EP, and the songs represent all those feelings I wanted to share with the world in the most accurate way.



What are the reviews and comments you get so far about your music and what about your voice?

To be honest with you, I haven’t heard a negative comment about my voice or my music so far. The words people tend to use is ‘powerful’ and ‘emotional’ which is a blessing to hear as that is what I was  aiming for.



Which artists/singers have influenced your music and vocal style?

As a person, I tend to listen to a lot of music genres and have a soft spot for many singers. Those who have influenced my music and vocal style the most are Lara Fabian, Deborah Myers, and Amy Lee.


10. Do you have plans to present your work live?
I actually presented ‘Breaking Infinity’ in Cyprus in May of 2019, a few days after the release. I had quite a few plans for shows in Europe for the summer of 2020 but unfortunately, they have been postponed until further notice due to Covid-19. Hopefully, this situation will be over soon, and we will all return back to our normal lives healthily so that we can enjoy live music again!