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Fugue, Italian band formed by the meeting of Australian singer and songwriter Luke Corso, bassist Anna Bach and drummer Renato Fabrizi. They play an excellent melancholic Rock.

Hi guys and welcome on Rockers And Other Animals’ pages.
How was Fugue born?

Thank you for having us! Fugue was born from a “solo album” that I recorded earlier this year, however after its completion our production and I thought it would be wasted without bringing it on to the road. We started searching and thats when the magic happened! everything fell into place very quickly I meet Anna and she introduced me to Renato and Fugue was born.


Would you like to present yourselves?

We are Luke Corso on guitar and vocals, Anna Bach on bass and Renato Fabrizi on drums

What is striking about your sound is a mixture of stoner, a touch of acoustic and even grunge. You are an interesting trio, I imagine that each of you brings your own style to your compositions. Are there any particular influences that can meet to create your own style?

We are influenced by many artists of the 90’s from Jeff Buckley to Kyuss to Soundgarden to Alice in chains. We definitely miss that period of rock and we hope to bring some of it back to share with our audience.

“The Spoils of War” is an album that contains a lot of passion, both for the way you play and propose yourself. I wonder how it can be your live show…
How much melodies and melodic style are important for you?

I think that a nice hook in a melody can keep the listener evolved in a song.

"Smoketrails" is one of my favorite songs and you have also made the video that we remember was shot by Adriano Natale and Daniele Spigola and, the gorgeous "Run". How did these two pieces come about?

Yes we had a great time shooting that video with Adriano and Daniele from Capture studio, “Smoketrails” is the track that stood out after listening to the album for the first time so we made it the first single. “Run” has a lot of positive energy it's definitely a highlight for us to play in the tracklist we look forward to playing it live!

In reality your debut album contains great songs, is it rather difficult to say which is the best, you feel more attached to which song?

Thank you we really appreciate it! That's a hard question because each song has something that we gravitate to whether it's hard edged distortion or something softer we really enjoy playing “Siren” at the moment.

A trivial question but for a lover of cats as I am, I can't not do this. The cat on the back cover belongs to one of you? Beautiful imagine, as indeed the wing of the artwork. What's the idea of the cover?

Haha! that's my (Luke’s) cat “Hugo” he volunteered for a photo that day. The wing on the front is a bird flying away from Hugo keeping in theme with the bands name Fugue to “escape”.

Rome capital, Rome chaotic city and forge of bands, as is normally associated with Genoa prog musicians, Rome is an interweaving of musicality, relationship between venues in which to play and the multitude of bands in your city?

Yes we are in many! there is a lot of variety of music and venues in Rome each has something unique that makes it interesting.


If you were to give a general judgement to the Italian rock scene, what are the flaws and good things between the communication between musicians and media?

My band mates definitely know more people in the roman rock scene than me and they have a very tight group that goes to enjoy live music often. Being from Australia I'm personally still understanding the rock scene around me in Rome it seams to be scattered but strong in its different genres. I think that social media has given many bands and music venues more local exposure.

What are immediate future plans for Fugue, any shout outs? You may want to say something I didn’t ask you and you consider it important?

Our priorities at the moment are organizing live shows in the anticipation of the release of the album. We would like to thank our team that made this a reality especially Gianmarco and Raffaele!


Thanking you for this interview, we want to remind you where the purchase of “The Spoils of War” is available and where people can find updated news about the band?

The album will soon be available on all worldwide digital distribution platforms. We regularly update our Facebook page with up to date news about the band.

Valeria Campagnale