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Swedish hard rock band Fretless, born on 2009, in 2011 the band released the debut album 'Local Heroes'. Now Fretless are back with the new upcoming album “Damnation” in which hard rock meets metal, set be released on 16Th August 2019 via Pure Steel Records.
Guest of Rockers And Other Animals the vocalist Patte Carlsson.

Hi Patte and welcome!
These days I'm listening to the album "Damnation" to write a review, I have to say that it's a work of impact, it's worth saying that in this work hard rock meets heavy metal. Can you tell us in detail how this work was born?


Hello and thank you so much!
I have worked with the Damnation album as long as 4 years.
I moved from Gothenburg to my hometown Vansbro. We had no chance to continue with the old line up in the band. The distance between us should be 450 km. So now it is only members from Vansbro. And when that happened we had the chance to record the album. At last ;)

With the intro "Unholy War " you can capture in a few minutes the essence of "Damnation" which is actually an explosion of music.
You are the only member of the original line-up; can we say that Fretless is your creature?


And what has changed over the years?
Yes Fretless is my “child” I started the band in Gothenburg 2009. So we will celebrate 10 years in September. Members has changed but our sound has always been the same. Today we might be a little more Heavy Metal if we compare our 2 albums. But the energy has always been there.

In your sound there's a lot of Iron Maiden style influence, but also Accept and Saxon, a classic European metal. Apart from the sounds of the 'old school', what are the roots of the band?


You are so right. Iron Maiden, Accept and Saxon has always been my influences. 
But Helloween, Pink Cream 69, Primal Fear and Judas Priest latest album (FirePower) is often played.


You've always been accompanied by great musicians, since the first album, are you the one who composes the music and the lyrics or the other members of the band have participated in the writing?


I have always written the music and lyrics and then my bandmates has done their things on the songs. It has always worked very well.


“Black Moon” is an atypical track in this album, very melodic and definitely more rock, can you tell me something about it?


I love Glenn Hughes and I had wish to do something with his touch in it. His voice should be a killer on that track.


Instead, two songs that I really appreciate, even if it would be difficult to say that one song stands out more than another in this work, are "Burn" and "Let's Get High", very rooted in the eighties as a sound but reworked in a fresher and more modern way. You managed to rework a rough and current sound, these two songs as they were born and what can you tell me about?


Burn is made in our rehersal room. Me and Linus jammed and then we find the structure and riffs in the song. Then we gave it the feeling in the studio. Let´s Get High is from 2015 and is released as a single before. For the album we changed to more aggressive guitars on the song.


Special guests, Dennis Forsberg, Mattias Bergstedt and Per-Erik Eliasson, how was the collaboration with these three musicians born?


Both Dennis and Mattias are former members in the band.
Dennis and I have played a lot together and he is one of my favorite bass player out there. And he is a very good friend to me.
Per-Erik Eliasson is the key player in the Swedish band “Svenne Rubins”, awesome musician and a good friend. We recorded the vocals and drums in his studio.
 Mattias is a great person and drummer.


"Damnation" is imminent release, plans after the release of the album?


We will have a smaller release for the album in a club in our hometown in September. Then the same month we go for an European Tour. In November we will do a Brazilian Tour.

Fretless, Damnation, interview, Patte Carlsson, Hard Rock/Metal, rockersandotheranimalsmagazine

The artwork is very fine; does it have a particular meaning?


We bought the album cover many many years ago from Cadies Art. When we started thinking about the cover for Damnation we decided that this one would fit perfectly.


In the notes that accompany the presentation of your album there is written 'Fretless Way', what exactly is your way? What’s the style, in your opinion, that most distinguishes you?


A fan from US described our music that it was like a runaway train with a lot of energy. It is hard to describe it it own words. We do our thing and we think it is the “Fretless Way”,


Thanks Patte for your time, you have all the space available to say what you want.

Thanks a lot Valeria!!!!!


Valeria Campagnale