Erotic Psycho, sleazy rock, spanish band, Nando Saints ,Lokki , Jay Martino,Frost Moore,Glam Sleazy Rock

Erotic Psycho, the Spanish sleazy glam rock band, from Valencia, are guest of Rockers And Other Animals for this interview, the bass player Lokki answers to the questions.

Their kicking- ass live performances will make you go back home sweaty, hot and feeling nasty. The band combines Sleazy Hard Rock sharp guitars, raunchy vocals, catchy choruses & tons of attitude. Erotic Psycho means sex, drugs & Rock'n'roll. After sharing stages with well-known artists such as Obús, Adam Bomb, Bonafide or Leo Jimenez the band is ready to release their debut album “The Lost Boyz” on February 2nd through Art Gates Records worldwide.

Hi guys, welcome on Rockers And Other Animals. First of all, let me tell you how brilliant is your album “The Lost Boyz”, absolutely great. It’s just about the album I’d like to start the interview.
It may not be easy to do, but could you comment on your latest work?
Hi and thanks a lot for your words on the album. We really appreciate it. Well, after a 5-song E.P. called “Sex you up”, which was very well received both by critics and audiences, we felt it was time for a full-length album with the old-school concept of Side A and Side B to put out all the music we had in our minds, hearts and balls. We are very proud of the result.

For those new to your work, can you introduce yourself, please?
Sure. We are Erotic fucking Psycho and we play Sleazy Rock! We come from Valencia, eastern coast of Spain, and we´ve been around as a band from 2013. The band consists of Nando Saints (vocals), Jay Martino (guitars), Lokki (bass) and Frost Moore (drums)

How “The Lost Boyz” is born?
As I said before, it was about time to make a 10-song record, so we decided to set up a crowdfunding campaign to make it possible and that way let our fans be part of this adventure from the very beginning. The move turned out very well and we went to Millenia Studios in Valencia and, with the priceless help of the producer Raúl Abellán, who also produced our previous E.P., we recorded ten songs, some of which we had already been playing live for a while. At that point Art Gates Records knocked on our door and we´ve been working with them for about 4 months now and the results have been amazing so far. And it´s just started!

Erotic Psycho, sleazy rock, spanish band, Nando Saints ,Lokki , Jay Martino,Frost Moore,Glam Sleazy Rock

Is there a song in particular you love most in this album and why?
We absolutely love every single song on the album! We gave everything to the songs as they are totally honest and reflect who we are and the way we like it. We love the attitude in “Mainstream Whore”, “Lost Boyz” or “Hot Gun Killer”, for example, the glammy feeling in “Sweet Suicide”, the magic in “We´ll go Wild”, the filthiness in “Squirt Baby Squirt”, the straightforward declaration of “Rock n Roll is not dead (you are)”, etc. Maybe if we have to stand out a song, that would probably be “The Only Way is Down”, which has been the first single taken from the album, and it´s a song that we think has it all. We just love it!

Who writes your songs? What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs and do you think these topics will change over time?
The four of us are totally involved with the songwriting. Sometimes Jay comes up with a killer riff and the rest of us work on it to make it a proper song. In other occasions Frost presents a song to work on, and most of the basic ideas for the songs come from Lokki. Then Nando and Lokki write the lyrics. No matter the way they come to the rehearsal studio, every song has parts of everyone of us and it is a group effort. That way the songs have our personal sound which is recognizable from the very beginning. As for the topics, we are completely honest about it. We talk about what we know and what happens to us. No bullshit at all! We explicitly talk about sex, drugs and rock n roll, which is a cliché, yes, but that´s what we like!

Erotic Psycho, sleazy rock, spanish band, Nando Saints ,Lokki , Jay Martino,Frost Moore,Glam Sleazy Rock

Lots of 80’s influences in your music Which bands most influenced your songs?
Yeah. We mostly identify with the bands that appeared in the late 80s, especially in the L.A. area, who sounded and looked the way we like rock n roll to be: sleazy, dirty and crude, but yet catchy. We are into bands like Guns n´ Roses, L.A. Guns, Faster Pussycat, Motley Crue, Vain, Bang Tango, Salty Dog, Pretty Boy Floyd, Tesla, and so on. 

What do you think of the new wave of glam/sleaze coming from northern Europe?
We really like them. There have been an explosion of these bands for the past few years and it has given some freshness to the scene, although we feel they have a more modern and sometimes heavier approach to this genre in general, and, other times, some of them seem to be a little softy. We honestly think Erotic Psycho is bringing back the real sleazy 80s attitude to the 21st century.

What are your expectations for your project?
You always expect the best for your album and band, that´s for sure. At this point we are starting our “Straight from the Underground” tour to support the album across Spain and Portugal to begin with, and later on we´re expecting to tour Europe and also working on the chance to go to SouthAmerica, Japan and China. So far, and thanks to Art Gates Records, our music is being listened all over the globe and the feedback´s being amazing.

What should the audience expect from your live? What emotions do you want to transmit?
Expect the best rock n roll party ever! Our live shows are a celebration of life, a time to forget your everyday issues while you´re moving your ass to the sound of the music the band is delivering from stage (well, the stage tends to remain too small for our singer and he spends parts of the show singing from the bars, light towers or in the middle of the audience). You never know who is having a better time, the band or the public, and that creates a communion between both that is just amazing.

What has been the biggest highlight of the band’s career so far?
We´ve had so many personal highlights in this band so far. But the fact that we´ve been able to record this album might be considered as one of them since this band has been struggling with a lot of issues to keep alive, you know, financial problems, lack of support, swindle attempts, and so on. This is not the best of times for a band like us, but we truly believe in what we do and consider that people need this kind of rock n roll back.

Thank you so much, I wish you all the luck with your album. Would you like to add something else to all people is reading this interview?

Thank you so much for this interview and your support. Just like to invite your readers to check our music and live performances if possible. If you´re into sleazy you gonna love Erotic Psycho, for sure. BE PSYCHO!



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