When was EN STIGMA formed and who are the members of the band? Did you have any previous experience before EN STIGMA?

En-Stigma was formed in 2013 as my personal project and the only steady member is me. Over the years I’ve played in a number of bands either as a session or as an official member

What is your music style and why did you choose it?

Well the genre is called Galactic progressive metal and it kind of chose me if you know what I mean hahaha

How important is originality for the EN STIGMA sound? What makes you original?

Well I’d like to think that En-Stigma’s music is original due to the fact that it incorporates many styles and an epic sci-fi lyrical content mixed with real life elements all in one 8 track album successfully I hope

Which bands would you refer to as influences in building the EN STIGMA style?

If I talk with band names it’ll take too long but I’m heavily influenced by many metal sub-genres to be
able to make En-Stigma what it is


What are your songs about? What is the message you want to spread?

The lyrical content is influenced by the reality we live in with a small touch of epic sci-fi fantasy. The message I want to spread is simple, humanity can be stronger through unity. Don’t let religion, color or all the other little things divide us and become one so that we can achieve greatness

Do you think your music is easy or difficult for someone to listen to and why?

I believe it’s an easy listen if people are open-minded to what they are going to hear cause to listen all these different elements need clarity of mind.

Which are your all time favorite books? Have you ever been lyrically influenced by a book and which one?

I’m not that much into reading but I think that Aldus Huxley’s “Brave new world” is a great book describing events way ahead of it’s time and it surely gave me a new perspective about things and the direction our world is heading to

What is the Greek metal scene like at the moment and what is the metal scene like particularly in your city Ioannina and Northern Greece in general?

Even though there are some great bands in the scene the audience is at a declining rate and in smaller cities like Ioannina this is even more obvious

Do you play live shows with EN STIGMA? Is live important for you or are you a studio band?

En-Stigma is a studio project with no plans of going live soon

You have an album out entitled "Reforming the Universe" Please let us know some more about the making of the album and the response you got so far.

The album was recorded mixed and mastered by George Tzahristas in 2018 in Ioannina and it came out on May 2019 via digital distro under New Dream Records. On may 2020 I released the remastered version of the album along with a remastered deluxe version with more songs and it was received really great so far, which makes me really happy

How far do you intend to go with EN STIGMA? Which are your future plans and which are your next steps?

As long as I have inspiration En-Stigma will be there and soon recordings of new songs will commence.
These are my only plans for now