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Welcome guys! Please let us know a few things about Elysium. Who are you and how the
band started?


Elysium was originally formed in Orvieto, Italy, in early 2013 by bassist Marco Monetini, violinist Christian Arlechino, with the involvement of drummer Flavio Lovisa. The core of the group was born out of common artistic interests that the three held together with regards to songwriting style, work-ethic philosophy and mutual musical desires. In 2016 new members joined the band: singer Daphne Nisi and guitarist Simone Moratto, who definitely have changed the compositions, giving a more powerful and Rock sound to band along the infusion of soulful vocals.... To end the speechthe current line up: Daphne Nisi (Baraonna) and bassist Marco Monetini (Jericho, Nidi di Ragno, Fuorilinea), flanked by the violinist Christian Arlechino (La Tresca). The rest of the band is made up of guitarist Simone Moratto and drummer Flavio Lovisa. Special guest of keyboards and orchestrations in the new album Labyrinth of Fallen Angels is the composer and arranger Marco Sinopoli.



You released your debut album “Labyrinth Of Fallen Angels” last year. Are you satisfied about the result and the feedback until now?

Yes , so much...all very good reviews with great grades ... also many people have appreciated and bought the CD ... especially in Scandinavia and English-speaking countries (USA (Australia) but especially in France and the Netherlands).



Tell us a few words about your two official video clips. Who created them and some strange or funny things about the shots.

It would be too long to tell you everything ... katana swords ... abandoned villages in the desert of dubai stone quarries mud and dust in every place ... in short a hard life for us poor musicians ... ahahahahah ... actually they are happy and funny events that we will take for life with us.



We think that your musicianship is really outstanding! What are you musical studies?

I thank you very much...as a bass player I have always studied with the master Graziano Brufani (Bacalov\Rita forte\etc) from whom I took a lot for the harmonic development of the pieces and in moving the bass under our pieces...I think it has been the winning weapon in the melodic development of our songs.



The artwork of the album is perfect and ideal for your music. Who created this?

A great job by 2 of our friends Lorenzo and Giorgio who have hit the mark by interpreting the lyrics and the history of the album well



What is the meaning of your lyrics? Any secrets hidden or just poetry?


All the lyrics were written by our singer who wanted to compose a concept album that would talk about the odyssey and in particular the journey of Ulysses ... The human being is such a complex universe, every one is so different by language, mentality, character and culture. But then in the end what is it that makes us so unite if not feelings and relationships? Labyrinth of fallen angels is a journey in the deepest part of our mind and soul inspired by Ulysses Odyssey. Like Ulisses in his journey experiences every kind of adventure, dangerous and amazing ones, falls in love, faces death of beloved ones, has to win challenging temptations and finally comes back home and reunites with his family, we are going through our lives, our complex inner universe and relationships, our reached goals and our mistakes and we all can learn from each experience, to finally go back to ourselves and, enriched, be who we really are



You don’t seem to perform live a lot. Do you plan to make some live performances when Covid-19 will allow us to return in full live activities?

Of course ... we hope in as many places as possible ... both in Italy and abroad.



What is your biggest dream about the band?

Bu twe are already inside the dream, now!!! ... we are happy that many people listen to our music ...
and with the next live shows we hope to take our music where it is not yet there



Any plans for your sophomore release?

In addition to the live concerts we are ready to record the third cd...with the new line-up...also this could be a concept album based on a 1956 book that upset the scientific community in the USA...but we will talk more about it later in our future official press releases.



What are your main influences?


The musical idea behind this project is to have a symphonic rock where various influences and musical insertions can coexist in a true and new kind of crossover genre. And that's why we can hear the 70's symphonic rock of the Queen, Queen, the Caravan, the Camel along with the Vivaldi's classical influences, a real reference point for the melodies of the violin, tied together with a folk vein typical of Jethro Tull or Eluveite .  Also you can hear influences of bands such as Anathema or Whitin Temptation especially in the vocal and keyboard parts.



Thank you very much for this interview. The last words are yours.

Thank you very much for the interview... for inviting us... keep following us on us social networks