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Drama Noir is the mastermind of Paul Papathanasiou from the town of Corinth Greece. A range of musicians is utilized in each release with all music arrangement being done by Paul Papathanasiou himself, along with most of recording of string instruments and keyboards.

1. What was the reason for starting the band?

The band was formed by Paul Papathanasiou (guitars and keyboards), out of his need to play his music.
He found some session musicians who all served a common purpose and together they recorded the single “The Forgotten Warrior” and the 1 st full length album “Princess Airam”. Now the band has a steady lineup and they are working on the 2 nd album.



2. What kind of feedback did the critics and fans gave to Princess Airam?

The feedback was simply awesome. Everyone seems to love our first album and even now, 2 years after its release, people are still talking about it. We are very pleased and of course very happy.

3. Who is Princess Airam?

That is something very personal regarding Paul, and we would like to keep it a mystery.


4. Any tour plans in support of the album?

Unfortunately, due to some problems regarding an unsteady lineup, we were able to play just one show.
Now, we will be able to play much more shows.


5. Why did you decide to cover a Rotting Christ song?
We love the band and we love the song, so it was an easy choice.

6. There are recent line up changes in the band. Why?

As we already said above, the previous lineup was a bit unsteady, due to the many things that some musicians had to do. We talked about it and we parted ways, without any bad feelings towards each other.


7. When will you enter the studio to record new material and what will it sound like?

We are already in the studio recording our 2 nd album. Hopefully, we will have it in our hands after the summer.


8. What does metal mean to you and what is your favorite subgenre?

Metal is everything. It is a way of life, inspiration, you name it. Favorite subgenre? Possibly black and death metal, but sometimes a bit of thrash metal also.