3 October 2020

Casagrande, interview

Hello Simone! How are you doing?

Hello guys, I just recovered from a couple of flu days...nothing serious, I am fine and still have a job that is not that common actually.



We really liked your new song “Dying Forever”. We can call this “real music”. How do you feel on this?

This absolutely delights me. It's the best comment I receive since I got back into music in 2103. I really appreciate it.



Tell us a few words about the album and the recordings.

It's my best at the moment, I couldn't make things better than this. I know it's not a new Black Album, but it is a big step forward...



Being from Italy, makes we have a big tradition in opera and culture. What is your opinion about music in our country?

My father was a musician himself before marrying and have me. I learned a bit of accordion and music by him before switching to the classical guitar and then electric.
Honestly, I don't like my country music, I never followed any of the famous artists.
Some of my peers left metal to a softer genre to live through their music. I don't blame them, but I preferred to work and keep my attitude as it is. There have been a lot of very talented singers, sometimes I think I chose the wrong genre.



How is your mood about Covid-19? Did this influence your work?

Yes. I am really angry and worried about the future I think I will write some more aggressive and politically incorrect songs...


Do you consider that being a project is better than being in a band. Is there more freedom of expression about your work?

Absolutely. Many songs would not have been like they are if I were in a band. That's the reason why many artists sometimes release a solo project. We want to do what we want without restrictions. This not implies we will be successful. It's such a kind of revenge!

Who writes the lyrics and what they are about?

Me. Any song has a different topic. Some reflect painful experiences of my life, some are more "spiritually oriented" like Dying Forever who's about eternal damnation, or mercenaries which is about people who don't practice what they preach (it's not inspired by the Testament song, but it might share a view of the ecclesiastical world), War by War may sound prophetical like theories...


Are the any other musical projects for you right now?

Unfortunately not. I was rehearsing to do some "Open Mic"show. There are a lot of pubs and bars in London which are offering you a couple of drinks if you sing for them. But this situation stopped me



What was your best live performance ever and how did you feel?

I think the first in 1989. It was a cover band of the famous Litfiba. We opened to a big festival in my village in Italy. I think it was the most crowded place I ever played in.
As stated above I wasn't playing metal, because in Italy at that time was not really appreciated, but I wore a Megadeth T-shirt and tried to keep my sound as heavier as possible with a lot of headbanging.


What are your plans about Casagrande? Will you continue as a project or there are thoughts for a full band?

I would like to have the time and the money to run a full band. Unfortunately, it's not that easy at moment. I am working on 4 new tracks. Let' see if someone will join me...


 Keep up the nice work, Simone! Metal on!

You too. Thank you very much for this interview.



Valeria Campagnale