The BlackHoleDream headed back into the studio to start recording their highly anticipated second studio album with Andrea Fusini at Fusix Studio in Turin. The new album is a mix of rock/grunge/metal songs with some slower pop ballads, while most of the songs are radio-ready with catchy beats. Here they guys talk about their music.


Hi guys, welcome on Rockers And Other Animals! First of all, let me tell you how much I’ve appreciated your album “The Brightside Vol.2”, you’ve mixed with style different sounds creating a very different album.
Would like to present yourself to the readers?

Hello everyone!!! We are Blackholedream, an Italian  alternativerock band from Alessandria in Piedmont. Thank you all for giving us this interview.

How much time did you spent recording your debut album?
This is our second album.usually we write a lot of impulse and fast .. We do not think a lot about a particular genre or remain faithful to a style .. We put into music what goes through our heads without thinking about too much time.

Between arrangement, lyrics and melody, which is most important to you? 

We work a lot on the instrumental part, on the arrangements and on the production ..the lyrics speaks about  various situations, past adventures together, girls and disappointments of love, evenings spent drinking and excesses of all kinds.

How autobiographic, confessional or private is “The Brightside Vol.2?
In reality we put into music what goes through our heads. Our music is about us. Our history, like the story of many other people.

Rock, Grunge and Metal music, a good mix for a respectable album. Each of your song in the album is a journey to itself, is this something desired or was it all born spontaneously?
Our music comes out very spontaneously. Without thinking too much .. We do not want to create complex music and full of paranoia .. We make music in total freedom and lightness.

“Aisaka” is one of my favourite piece, would you like to tell me something about this song?
The song is about love and all the complexities that love involves ..

“The Brightside Vol.2'' artwork is so endearing, is there a concept behind this cover?
The cover was made entirely by us .. Since we come from different musical genres between us we have chosen two "worlds" that meet .. At least that was the idea.

A “classic” question…Which artists influence your music?
Nirvana, Foo fighters, sum 41,blink 182 ecc.
How did you become a professional musician?
We dedicate a lot of time and a lot of passion to music but each of us has a job. Unfortunately, music is not our main job, even if we would like to ...maybe one day...

Italian underground scene is a talents undergrowth, in your personal opinion, why is so difficult emerging? Considering how much changed is in listening to music and the huge musical proposals?
In Italy there are many excellent bands of all kinds. One of the big problems are the Italians themselves who no longer follow the concerts, unless they are already established bands. The youngest  do not know rock music and giving preference to other genres .. Not support for emerging bands exists more. There is no more money to invest unless one is the classic "fool''out of a talent show.

What would you say to people who prefer to continue supporting the known artists and not the emerging ones?
Come back to support the emerging scene!!! Do you believe that the big bands were born from nowhere and already strong and famous ???

Looking back over your single careers, is there a moment or situation you feel was a misstep or you would like have a “do over”?
Absolutely no.. We love making music and we will continue to do it always .. It is our passion .. Nothing and nobody can ever take it away !!

Please share a final message with the readers. Thanks a lot for your time, I wish you all the best.
Thanks to you for giving us the interview and the space granted .. If they were all like you would be a better world .. Thanks also to the readers of the magazine ..keep to listening up and follow the emerging bands. We need it .. Thanks a lot.




Valeria Campagnale