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Black Thunder is an Italian band Hard 'n' Heavy Metal, inspired by the classic 80's Heavy Metal and the melodic reminiscences of Hard Rock.    
The band was founded in 2011, debuts with the CD "Dominant Idea" released in 2014.
In the meantime, Black Thunder have prepared their second work entitled "All My Scars", in digital format via Club Inferno Ent., but let's let band itself tell us about the new album.

Hi guys and welcome on Rockers and Other Animals, to start with, I'd say start with the introductions. Who are the Black Thunder and how you started your musical career?

BT is an idea started by Andrea Ravasio and Davide Ferrandi in 2010 after they have stopped to play in other two bands called Anxiety and Truck of the year. They have recorded their first album “Dominant Idea” and in 2012 Ivan Rossi joined to play the bass lines. We tried to find a singer but after 6 months of searching the band has decided that Andrea will be the lead vocal.


"All My Scars" is a mix of sensations, moods, how did the album come about and what inspired you to compose both music and lyrics?

We were inspired by all feelings that scars can create. Sensations and  moods belong to human beings and obviously our music reflects what we have inside. We create songs in this way! We usually start from an idea that gives a rough structure of the song and the rest is built together in practice room. We record the songs and the singer works on the lyrics.


I’ve listened your album and there’re a few songs I like in particular as “Stop The Abuse” or “Days Could Stop To Run” and definitely my favorite one “Black Rain”. I'm curious to know how they were born and the theme I'm dealing with, even if it's evident, you could help the readers to better understand their meaning.

Thank you! We appreciated your opinion. To come back to your question, Stop the Abuse third song of the album is a middle time. This part presents a groove reminiscent of the 90s stoner. In this song you can hear the interlacing of the voices as if it was a dialogue between  two people. Riff guitar is linked to an eclectic rhythm of the drum. The lyric speaks about sexual violence against children which creates unforgivable moral scars. 
“Days cold stop to run” is the fifth song of the album. It’s a fast and powerful song. In the central part of the bridge lets the listener breath only for a moment, because immediately afterwards it accelerates to the end.
The text recalls the frenzy of modern times that make everything run excessively, leaving no room for the simplest things that generate happiness.
The individual caged in a capitalism that leaves no room for anything and leads society to reason essentially with the logic of profit. This way it can lead towards extinction.
The society of "copying and pasting" causes the individual to lose all imagination. A suffering that creates many bleeding scars which can not be healed because everything runs inexorably. The main idea of this song is “life is short, don’t waste it”
“Black Rain” seventh song of the album. In our opinion, this song creates sensations  like you are surrounding from dark heavy  rain. The lyric speaks about the daily suffering of people and their hard life, but passion and love are the way out.

Black Thunder, interview, Hard 'n' Heavy Metal, All My Scars, Rockers And Other Animals, Rock News, HEAVY METAL, Rock Magazine, Rock Webzine, rock news, sleaze rock, glam rock, hair metal

Starting from an old-school base, your music has different influences, I suppose each member in the band has their own unique influences. From those, what ones do you think are most evident in your music?

The bands which influenced us most are:
Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Pantera, Testament, Megadeath, Motorhead and some more recent like Rage Against the Machine, Black Label Society, Sick of it All, System of a Down, Mastodon, Tremonti.


What would you say is the message of "All My Scars"?

Whatever will happen in your life never give up!
Work hard, stay strong, love life and try to get out from a bad situations. A scar is a remainder of a difficult moment of life which you had to overcome. It will teach you something. Only perseverance and the tenacity will help you to create a bridge between past and present. In this way you’ll find a peace in your soul.


If you could describe your brand new album, how would you define it?

Direct, true and so fucking metal.


Regarding artwork, what is it you are responsible for?

We tried to capture in the picture the ideas of our songs. The artwork was very difficult choise. All three of us agreed on the idea of bleeding hands  a picture with a direct impact and close to the concept of the all album.


In term of tours, gigs, do you have anything lined up that you can talk about?

We are working to do a small tour in Italy to promote it. For all of us it’s difficult to adjust the life on stage with our jobs. But the passion for the music is too big, so we will inform our followers on our social networks.


The metal and rock scene in Italy is increasing, what’s your opinion on the Italian metal scene?

Yeah, it’s true. In Italy there is desire to create music, but every band has the problem to find a good place to share it. The places to play live music are in diminution.
We are many to try conquer the few places and sometimes there are 3 or 4 bands to play in the same night with the problem to find time for the soundcheck. Sometimes we played without soundcheck. So, cross the finger for us.


Are there any techniques or preferences you use a lot?

Nothing in particular. We try to work on the groove and the sound has to be dark and heavy.


What do you think about the divulgation of music in the internet age?

It’s a good way to share the music faster all around the world.
The problem is how to catch attention of the audience. In Internet if you don’t know Black Thunder is difficult to find some information about us. So it doesn’t help so much. Basically, you have to know the band and then it’s easy to find all you need.


Any message you’d like to send to your fans to wrap up this interview?

We want to say thank you to all new and old followers, everyone that will buy “All my Scars” and will come to our live shows.
Don’t forget about us we are Black Thunder hard’n’havy band till the death. Keep high your horns in the air!

Valeria Campagnale