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Hi! Let’s start this interview! How was the release of your new album and are you satisfied about this?

The album was released last March 10th and we are receiving very good reviews from both, press and fans, we are very proud of. Fans from Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay, Spain, New York, Italy and even Asia are asking for our album and transmitting their enjoyment for it, that´s amazing and rewarding.


You are signed with Spanish label Rock Estatal! How is your cooperation and how many cds was the first pressing of “Love, Death & Flies”?


We are very coordinated with Rock Estatal and happy. They listen to each need we have and they advise us about those issues we don´t know.


Who were the people that took part on the cd? About the recordings, mix, master and artwork?

We have recorded and mixed the album in The Cadillac Blood Studios with Andy C (Lords of Black) who has helped us to grow much more as musicians.
We are very proud of the result, we think the sound quality is very professional. According to the artwork it has been designed by Hoeresis, a Spanish artist we admire at. We love the creepy art vision she has! And of course we need to mention our photographer Nat Enemede one of the best in this art, her pictures introduce darkness in our artwork, and we love that.

I can describe your sound as a mix of metal with southern rock...really distinct sound! What do you think?

Our sound is born from the roots of southern rock with the power of today's metal. The new album “Love, Death & Flies” is our hardest sound that shows the lyrical influences of Poe, Bécquer and the horror cinema of the 80s.
Victorian streets, dark passages and a decadent romanticism drive you to reach the zenith in “Damnified”, a reflection of the approach to wilder southern sounds. You will find powerful voices that fly through melodies, screaming and opera as well as sharp guitars and devastating drums.

Why do you entitled the album like this? And what does “Barbara Black” means to you?

The whole band lived in 2019 love moments (weddings), death situations and flies funny anecdotes. After this we knew that the writer Augusto Monterroso tells that the whole literature is based on these three topics, so we thought that it was absolutely perfect for us. Barbara Black means my personal music project with people I love to be with and a part of freedom and creativity in my

 As I said before you have a distinct sound. How do you compose? And who does the whole work?

The composition is done by everybody, exposing ideas (riffs, melodies, chord progressions or rhythms). Sometimes we do it together in the rehearsal room and other times we send ideas to each other using technology.

What is your opinion about the Spanish metal scene? Any bands you adore?

There is an amazing quality in the bands and musicians but it is absolutely impossible to live on music business except those who have a label´s support.
The most common situation is working in different fields and at the same time fighting for your band. We love many bands: Corvus V, The Grassland Sinners, Dry River and many more

Composing, rehearsing, recording or being on stage? What do you prefer and why?

All moments are magical, I find it hard to decide. The moment of composing is the moment of maximum creative freedom and I love that. On the other hand, rehearsing the whole band is a lot of fun and it's a day-to-day job with wonderful colleagues. Recording is always a tough but hopeful moment in which you learn new things and must overcome yourself. And the moment on the stage is an explosion of energy and adrenaline together with the audience and your companions that will mark you for your whole life, it is something very intense. I can't choose sorry hahaha.

Money or fame?

It depends on what for. It is evident that to survive we all need money, but for music the important thing is that people know your songs.

When are you going to release new stuff? Will your sound remain similar?


I don´t know about a new release, my new album “Love, Death & Flies” is brand new released. What is sure is that it will be rock and metal!!


Thank you very much! The last words are yours.

Thank you so much for this great interview and for this opportunity, rock and metal fans will be able to know us better. If any metalhead wants to listen to our music or videos, you can check out our social media, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook on Barbara Black Oficial or even you can find our albums, t-shirts and merchandising on You are gonna rock it for sure!!