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As you are at your first interview Rockers And Other Animals, why not introduce our readers when and how you started your journey in the underground world?


We're are five-piece hard rock band. We all have a strong passion for good ol' rock music and we try to make it in our own way in a modern era, nowadays it's not easy to survive in the industry because this kind of music it's no more “mainstream”, but we are confident that the underground scene still is strong. Now we have our debut album out for Volcano Records and we hope you'll like it!


How did your musical adventure start and how has your music evolved since you first began playing music together?


Giuseppe (Ricciolino, lead guitar player), had those songs in is drawer and was lookin' for the right members to start a band like this. After he listened Marco (“Kram” Patrocchi) singing ,the whole project came “Alive”and both started to record together the album's demos. 
Soon after, reading Mattia (Tibuzzi)'s ad on a site, was suddenly clear that he was the perfect bass player for the band.
It took a while to complete the band but the waiting was worth, because Dario (Di Pasquale, drums) and Simone (Aversano, guitar) added powerness to the whole band making it ready to go live with increased musical possibilities and ideas.

ALIVE, hard rock, interview, volcano records, Rockers And Other Animals, Rock News, Rock Magazine, Rock Webzine, rock news, sleaze rock, glam rock, hair metal

"Lookin' for A Future" is a great debut linked to rock tradition, very powerful. Which are the musicians or bands that have most influenced you?


Thank you. There are so many but, of course, we all love bands like Van Halen, Extreme, Skid Row, Mötley Crüe,  Mr Big and so on...


You’re given one chance to introduce "Lookin' for A Future" to the entire world, which song do you blast them away with?

During our concerts, the title track “Lookin' For a Future” is getting some nice feedbacks with the crowd already singing it along with us.


If you'd describe your own style and involve new fans into your music, what do you’d say?

We try to do our best to carry on the hard&heavy tradition, we are surely influenced by the golden ages of this kind of music but we like to do it in our own way and this, probably, could give us some personality and more modern facets. 
Even our lyrics are more focused on modern issues. 


“Money&Control” is a very interesting song, somehow reminds me of the sounds created by Steve Vai, this song for example how was it born?


First of all thank you, it's a pretty flattering comparison.
 [Giuseppe] It's a song written way before this album came out, personally I like some different kinds of music that sometimes could even mix fine together. 
I always liked the idea of how a fast kind of swing can match with fast heavy rock stuff. It's something that maybe you can even hear in some of the other bands that we mentioned before.


Are there any particular emotions and feelings you want to convey to listeners?

We hope that people could feel our passion for making the music that we love...without compromises. We just do it in this way 'cause we like it. This should be a primary thing if you are a rock band, because it's not a business's rock'n'roll. You have to enjoy it and we want to convey this to our audience too. 


Music in internet era, pros and contras? Don't you find somethings went lost respect to the curiosity to find out new bands, new album looking for stuff in record shops?

In the internet era everybody can record themselves and spread it around, this can be a nice thing but it also generate an ocean of artists and bands that can be too dispersive for the listeners. 
There's not a true selection of new albums like in the old kind of record shops. 
All the media's biggest channels promote just the talent-show like as new artists and it's very difficult for the listeners to search something in the underground scene, because they simply will hardly ever know about the new artists that they could like.


Thanks for your time, now you have space to tell everything you want to our readers.

Thank you and to all your readers! If you like us or just want to know more about us, the way to go in this era is to stay connected to our social media pages, in this way you will get even all the infos about our next live shows, where we hope to meet all of you in the real world under the stage!


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