Aeons In Solitude, interview, rockers and other animals

How do you define your music style?

Alex: When I started working on this project, I wanted to create a unique sound of the band. So back in 2016 when I entered Fragile Studio to work on the tracks with Vangelis Yalamas, my long time teacher, producer and friend, we managed to combine the classic Doom Metal sound with various progressive elements. As a result, the songs are dark, melancholic and they have the heavy live sound at the same time.


What response have you gotten so far for "Mourning Cloak"?

Alex: The 3 songs we released so far gained positive feedback for the band. For the time being, the full album is sent to webzines for reviews. The responses we got are positive! Also, some friends of ours who listened to it, loved it!


What influenced more your sound: the early doom/death scene and bands like Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, Anathema or the classic doom bands like Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus, Saint Vitus?

Alex: My top doom metal influences are Paradise Lost and Candlemass. You can find various elements in our songs. But, in order to make something unique and different, I search for influences outside doom metal scene. I didn’t want to make a copycat band of the doom metal legends.

What are your tour plans?

Alex: Right now, the upcoming shows are inside Greece, to promote the album. Also, we will support a legendary band in a few months, but I cannot reveal more details yet. Meanwhile, we are trying to book shows abroad.

Aeons In Solitude, interview, rockers and other animals


How easy is it for a band to shine among the dozens of releases which are out everyday?

Alex: Nowadays, the internet gave the ability to everyone to share their music online. As a result, you can come across tons of music and information. So, it’s not easy for a band to shine. In my opinion, the band has to be different from others and above all, professional by all means necessary. Image, sound, songs, everything.

Your house is on fire. You have minimum time to leave. You can save only 5 records. Which are they?

Alex: That’s a tricky question! Well, I would save One Second by Paradise Lost, Weather Systems by Anathema, Flow by Conception, Division Bell by Pink Floyd and Twilight of The Gods by Bathory! 

How do you promote your music?

Alex: We use the social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube), traditional face-to-face promotion anywhere we can and we are promoted by Angels PR Music Promotion.

Is there a doom or doom/death scene in Greece?

Alex: There are many great bands in Greece in the doom metal scene, who try to keep the spirit alive. Doom metal genre was written by legendary bands back in the day. We all know who they are. That is the inspiration all the bands need, including us, to carry on this kind of music.


Thank you for the interview. Give a message to people why should they listen to AEONS IN SOLITUDE?

Alex:  The powerful songs we created for Aeons In Solitude is the best way to tell you some stories, beliefs and guide you to the dark depths of my soul. As a person and musician, I always have many things to share. That’s why the second album is already in the making. We are a new band out there, but we always do our best to succeed! Last but not least, our debut album is a unique experience for a doom metal fan, so, I think it’s worth a try!