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Italian rock band 17Crash, is back with the brand new album “Hit The Prey”, via Volcano Records, released online on 30 March 2018 and in physical format on 13 April 2018.
 The band composed by the vocalist Ros Crash, guitarists Frankie and Steve " Poison ", bass player Lawrence Kaos and  drummer Phil Hill.
 A new lineup and a new musical proposal. 17 Crash are my guest on Rockers And Other Animals, let’s them talk about the new work.

Hi guys, welcome and thanks for your time.
 First of all, let me say how I was surprised about your change of style in your new album “Hit The Prey”. Would you like to talk about your work? How “Hit The Prey” is born?
Hi Valeria, thanks to you, for your time! … Our new work, well. When we came back in studio, at the end of the Reading your dirty minds tour we face each other and we understood that a change must be made. We had to figure out  how the entry of Frankie would have affected our sound and most of all, how to put together all the new ideas. In the end, we need to refresh the look and grow up. Reading  your dirty minds is a pretty good album full of fun and inspired by the music we used to listen during our teenage year,  but it was not our true sound. Hit the Prey is our way to say to the world: “ hey, this is us” we have evolved!

In "Hit The Prey" there are interweaving of rock and power with a vague imprint of prog, definition vocal and very melodic refrains, I remember these are the influences that characterize Ros (lead singer n.d.r.), how much these characteristics have brought the muscular diversity in this album?
If we think only about the Vocals, a lot. But that's not the point. Each of us brings something personal in this album. Hit the Prey, it's an adventure, A Quest. 5 people, coming from 5 different worlds, sitting in a room together, trying to find their own way to create the right “spell”. The right sound that will represent not just one of them, but all of them.

How do you think your new album will be accepted?
It's been almost two months since the album came out, and to be completely honest we are pretty satisfied. Of course, a drastic change like this it's always a Russian roulette, but as said before, we are experimenting and growing. We hope that our fans will appreciate our work and will follow us in this new adventure.

We start from a “draft” - then, when the songs begin to take form, we move to the riff and vocals. Most of the album's Riff are created and performed by Frankie, while all the Vocals are created and performed by Ros.

In a balance between arrangement, lyrics and melody, which is most important to you? 

Argh! And how can we choose? Each of those parts are important.

How strictly do you separate improvising and composing?
50/50. It all begins from an idea ( of course).  Brainstorming and Jamming together, to mix and match the different souls of each component. 

If you’d describe your own style and involve new fans into your music, what do you’d say?
Well, there's only a way to do that:  to play your music and let the others listen to it.

How's your fan base? Do you think it evolved with you?
Amazing! We are really happy about how our fan base has evolved. They always support us and follow us. We didn't expect that, but we have met some great people from all over the world and that's...fantastic!

Thanks for your time guys, what would you like to add to this interview?
Thanks again to you Valeria for your time. We would like to thank you all of you, don't forget to follow us to be always updated with our latest news!


Valeria Campagnale