28 September 2020

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Welcome Μarialena! Tell us a few words about the formation of the band. Who had the idea of this?

Hello everybody and thanks a lot for this chance. The idea was mine because as a singer and musician I wanted to share my music with the world out there! I started my album as a solo project and then for many reasons, I decided to create a band. Fortunately I have very good friends and musicians by my side so here we are.



You have a lot of cover videos on YouTube! How did you manage this? And why are you doing this?

I started making covers long time before the decision of my personal album. The reason is very simple. Every singer loves to sing and covering songs if you haven`t something personal in your hands is a good view. My covers also helped my work to be discovered by many musicians who wanted to collaborate with me. Actually for now on I am thinking of reducing the covers and to give priority in my official songs.



Are you involved in other projects except your personal project?

From time to time when I think that something which is suggested to me is worthwhile, I definitely do it. I generally want to be open to collaborations. At the moment I do not have anything but in the past, I have recorded three albums for two bands. With the last one we still collaborate.



You released a lyric video about your awesome new song “Prophecies”. Are you happy about the feedback for your album "Vanity"?


The lyric video and the album had a great response in the public in Greece and abroad. I am really moved by the comments and the love I receive every day. Also the album itself went very well in sales, something that makes me very proud.



Are there any plans for official video?
Of course, there are plans for my official video and I am very excited because it`s going to be something very interesting. I am working of the idea the last two months. You can wait for more updates soon.

I can describe your music as a modern mix of symphonic rock and metal with a pop essence. What is your opinion about this?


We wanted it to be that way. A little different style of symphonic and progressive metal with easy melodies for everyone to listen.



Do you believe that nowadays is easier for a band to become more known?

It`s easier in a way because everyone can use the internet, something which didn`t excyst some years before to help artists then. Definitely it makes bands and artists more known. On the other way there are so many bands nowadays with common styles in music so the biggest difficulty is to be able to be distinguished from
the majority.



Any plans for shows after the release of this album and Covid-19?

I can’t wait to share my songs with the public! So yes definitely there are plans for live appearances but as everyone else we have to wait.


What about the lyrics of the band? Any special message?

My purpose with my lyrics was to pass social messages for the world nowadays. For the isolation of the mankind and its indifference to help even himself. I wanted to emphasize the strength that we all have and we just need to discover it so we can change even the world. Is a very sensitive topic and good to be heard from the arts.


Thank you very much for this interview. The last words are yours.

The pleasure was mine. I wish health first of all and love around us. I hope all this situation that we are passing through to end as sooner as possible, so we can hit the stages again and to share with the world what we love most. Stay safe everyone!