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Heleven -  Into the Oceans 

26 March 2021


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Rockers And Other Animals® is a registered trademark

Band: Heleven 

Title: Into the Oceans 

Genre: Contemporary Metal

Label: Art Gates Records

Release Date: 12 March 2021



Escape Room
Into The Oceans

Lesson Learned 

The Wings I Need To Fly



Promise Land
Rise Again
The Hurricane



Higinio Ruiz – Vocals & Guitars 

Álvaro Castilla – Guitars 

Kike Martín – Bass 

Matías Famá – Drums






Formed in  2016, the Spanish band Heleven released their debut album “Medusa's Love Story” in 2019, an album that conquered the media and the followers, with the new album "Into the Oceans” released on March 12th via Art Gates Records, Heleven deals with intimate and personal themes such as anxiety and depression, shadows that chase us and once caught, swallow us into their own abyss. 

Instead, we pleasantly immersed ourselves in the sometimes dark, often complex sounds that make up an album with Avant-Garde, Post Rock, Melodic Death and Post Hardcore sounds. 

The 90s’ sounds "Escape Room", has a hypnotic atmosphere and it’d be so harsh, in the the title track "Into The Oceans” is a heavier piece with a soft vocalism a god rhythmic line, a deep tack in which the oceans is the metaphor for the concept of spiritual feelings. Brilliant the  melancholy "The Wings I Need To Fly”, one of highlights of the album. Different sound for the following “Broken”, more heavier with good guitars, while the prog marks and a modern touch, make "Mistakes” an interesting musical proposal. In "Down" Heleven proposes another power touch in which the voice is brilliant and the music embraces the whole lyrics with its exquisite technique. The powerful "Promised Land" has god choruses and riffs that sound so grunge and alternative as in the following "Lesson Learned”, in which we can listen to the new heavy metal style. "Rise Again” is a kind of an interlude that take us to the end with the virtuosos' "The Hurricane”. 

"Into The Oceans", is a good concept album that makes you reflect on your own human nature, between fragility and fears.



Valeria Campagnale





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