"Le journal du Nightstalker"

Steve “Serpent” Fabry


Steve Fabry , singer  and bass player of the melodic black metal Sercati,  and atmospheric metal The Nightstalker, is also the author of the novel “Le journal du Nightstalker”, which includes two volumes, published in 2017 and 2018 for Astre noir collection.
After the Sercati concept albums in which the angel Nightstalker descended from heaven on Earth, with the aim of saving humanity from the power of the armies of Lucifer, who will have as an enemy, the angel savior; history relates to the short movie that the band released, the novel itself brings us back to this very dark story, fascinating in its theme.
A very creative mind could give rise to three parallel universes connected to each other, especially in a period of flat calm about the music scene in general.
A strong feeling of struggle between evil and good, devils and angels, human and supernatural. A plot that I have always found in Anne Rice's books and that always manages to fascinate me, a theme that would fascinate anyone if interested in this type of novels.
The main character the Nightstalker, discovers the world and humanity, he learns, but never change his nature. He continues to remain the angel, who came down to Earth to find a solution. 
He could no longer bear to see the human being destroy himself while God did not react. He was looking for his place in the middle of this world that was not his own and found him as a night protector: The Nightstalker. He will develop and discover feelings as he interacts with the other protagonists. In battle against Lucifer, he sought to protect the Earth against his brother. He will exceed his limits in order to push back the forces of evil.
Since the beginning of his adventure, he has gone from impulsive to thoughtful. Endowed with great determination faith in human beings. His characteristic is the melancholia and his solitude.
Tall, thin, muscles, swathed in a total black hooded  His face is still hidden by his hood that doesn't let his face be seen.
The Nightstalker's opponent is Eric Webster, originally human in which a found refuge in his body and killed his his family. Eric killed himself and once in hell, Lucifer convinced that he should destroy humanity, Lucifer dropped him in pursuit of the Nightstalker.
Eric's only purpose is to take souls for his master, similar to Nightstalker in his look but with demon wings.
The other character we meet is  Gabriel, brother of the Nightstalker,  angel who tries to hold Paradise together, while fighting Lucifer and supporting the Nightstalker. A great relationship exists between the them, Gabriel is a warrior and a teacher as well, helps the Nightstalker in the shadows.
The female character Jade De bussy de la Boissière, becomes Miss Umbrella  at night, try to recover her soul, sold by her ancestor to obtain glory and fortune.
Than we find the police Sergent Matennen, busy with his case following the massacre of the children by the Hell Hound.
Another female character is the a furious Thalis: the desolation, commander of Lucifer's armies, captured and locked in purgatory by the Nightstalker., all she wants is her revenge.
Last but not least, we find the Apocalypse generator Lucifer, the most beautiful angel par excellence, corrupted enough angels to build an army.
Characters and ingredients that make this novel an interesting reading.
Very recommended to an audience purely of the dark animo and of course to Sercati' fans.



Valeria Campagnale