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BON JOVI - 2020

15 December 2020


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1. Limitless
2. Do What You Can
3. American Reckoning
4. Beautiful Drug
5. Story of Love
6. Let It Rain
7. Lower the Flag
8. Blood in the Water
9. Brothers in Arms
10. Unbroken



Since the original line-up began to falter, Bon Jovi's sound has inevitably taken a different route, becoming even more mainstream. Richie Sambora is sadly an underrated musician who has released two great albums.

While Alec John Such was not officially replaced after his departure, his place was taken by Hugh McDonald. I think 2018 has given the fans those glimpses of the 80s where we saw them all together again.

Bon Jovi reinvented themselves and this year Jon , David Bryan and Tico Torres chose Nashville early this year to record this new album, the new addition is Phil X on the lead guitar, Everett Bradley’s on percussion and John Shanks.

Proudly  grown with Bon Jovi  music, I don't hide my great love for this band, every release is always eagerly awaited and having listened to this album for a week to be as impartial as possible, I have to admit that the shine has gone giving way to a more minimalist and decidedly sober composition. Just listen to the themes of most of the songs which are based on social and political themes.

The opener "Limitless" has a good melody solid beat in which Tico Torre’s heavy drums are pretty good, a perfect modern pop rock  song for radio in classic Bon Jovi style.

“Do What You Can" is a song about the global pandemic and through the video we can see an empty New York City, catchy track, I liked it at first time and I can image the impact on the people in the next Bon Jovi tour, hopefully soon, thanks to the chorus and and the classic Bon Jovi-esque imprint.

The song was also released as a duet with country singer Jennifer Nettles.

"American Reckoning" is a social blemish of racial discrimination, the title was changed from I Can’t Breathe to American Reckoning, melodically gloomy with a great harmonica for a beautiful piece.

Bon Jovi still rock with another classic piece with the following "Beautiful Drug", crunchy and good with the solo guitar, solid and catchy.

"Story Of Love" is a simple ballad, mostly acoustic, nothing more, nothing less, while "American Reckoning" seems a Springsteen song, nothing memorable, nothing new, but it's catchy and enjoyable.

"Let it Rain" reflects the Bon Jovi band I liked most, good quality , great vocals, perfect tempo and brilliant guitars, yes this song is on Bon Jovi mood, same for the following track "Lower the Flag", the acoustic guitar breaks the silence, Jon is  touching in this song, the harmonic chorus are brilliant, absolutely one the best piece of this album.

On first listen "Blood In The Water" reminded me of "Dry County", good bluesy guitar, a piece that successfully hooks.

"Brothers in Arms", sounds like something out of "Always", it's not a criticism, I like that album a lot and this song is very similar to those on that album.

Originally written for a documentary entitled "Lost in America", "Unbroken" match with the gloomy themes that characterised "2020". A soulful track to listen with very accurately to catch the meaning of the message.

A good album, perhaps lacking in rock soul, the more emphatic one, a different side to Bon Jovi music, I miss the loud Jon vocals a voice that has adapted to the minimalism of this record, maybe it's age or maybe it's just a change of style and we don't know what it will give us in the future, what is certain is that this year has made us reflect on many things, both personal and social, and '2020' reflects what we have experienced.

Definitely one of the most anticipated and most interesting albums of this sad year.


Valeria Campagnale

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