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News · 15. febbraio 2018
Announced tracklist, release date and cover of the new Roadskills album

News · 14. febbraio 2018
Sacha Korn announces a new record to be released

News · 12. febbraio 2018
BlackHoleDream, the first single “Wrong Direction”

News · 10. febbraio 2018
The third single for Venus Mountains "RNR burning" is available online

09. febbraio 2018
The new Tracy Grave's single "Cemetery Sin"

News · 07. febbraio 2018
Revealed tracklist, cover and street date for the new WaterCrisis's record

News · 03. febbraio 2018
Volcano records launched the brand dedicated to extreme metal: Dark Hammer Legion

02. febbraio 2018
The new Love Machine album "Universe of minds" is available online

News · 31. gennaio 2018
Revealed tracklist, release date and cover of the new Tracy Grave album "Sleazy Future"

News · 29. gennaio 2018
New single for The Sunburst, “Phoenix”

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