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News · 03. marzo 2020
LARS ERIC MATTSSON, "TAKE ME HOME 1985-87" songs collection

News · 06. luglio 2019
The Tale Of The Inconsistent God is the second chapter born from the creativity of Steve Remnant, Italian-American author, composer and screenwriter who, after his debut in 2018, created another dark and enigmatic work in which classic heavy metal, hard rock and progressive blend to give the listener a mystical journey through the story of an evil and perverse god, and his rise to power. For the occasion the mysterious mastermind that never revealed his identity, involved a group of experienced...

News · 11. giugno 2019

News · 06. marzo 2019
Vesperine shared new song "Nous, si photosensibles". New album 'Espérer Sombrer' coming out on March 8th

News · 11. febbraio 2019
French Alternative/Prog-Metal outfit Far Away released and streamed new album 'Viaje'

News · 01. febbraio 2019
Swiss post-metal/math-post-rock/mathcore/progressive engineers Ogmasun released and streamed new album 'Into The Void”

News · 18. dicembre 2018
Final Coil have landed an endorsement deal with Blackstar Amps

News · 30. novembre 2018
Bleed Someone Dry New Single And Official Video "Unorthodox"

News · 11. novembre 2018
Video / Single Download - RED CAIN "Wing of The Crow" ft. Kobra Paige of Kobra And The Lotus

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