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News · 28. marzo 2020
BLEED FROM WITHIN Release New Song And Video “Into Nothing” Announce “Fracture” Out May 29th, 2020

News · 20. dicembre 2019
Finnish progressive metal band External tackles alienation on a brand new song and animation video "Distant"

News · 03. novembre 2019
New Bon Jovi Song "Unbroken"

News · 26. ottobre 2019
Janne Kerminen (Am I Blood) release brand new song "Outcast"

News · 10. ottobre 2019
"The Child With No Head": a new song for CREST OF DARKNESS.

News · 26. settembre 2019
CYCLES OF THE DAMNED Premieres New Song @ The Obelisk; 'A Time To Survive' Out 10/12 on Tad Doyle's INCINERATION CEREMONY

News · 20. settembre 2019
OMNIUM GATHERUM release new song „CHAOSPACE“, Touring Europe in September & October

News · 27. agosto 2019
APPRENTICE DESTROYER: experimental project featuring members of ULTHAR, VASTUM and PALE CHALICE premiere new song at Echoes And Dust!

News · 05. aprile 2019
Whitesnake, “Hey You (You Make Me Rock)”New Song For Streaming

News · 26. marzo 2019
Crazy Lixx new video for the song “Break Out”

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