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News · 23. settembre 2019
JUMPSCARE - New single "Dead Bodies" online

News · 05. settembre 2019
SundaySong has released their third single with a video from their new album

News · 06. luglio 2019
International controversial collective The Way Of Purity are glad to present their new single and official video "Spectral", taken from the band's upcoming album "Schwarz Oder Rot". Statement “We are so proud to announce that, after a long silence, we are back with a new killer album. “Spectral” has been chosen as a single randomly because we know that all the tracks in this new record are strong enough to work as singles. This is one of the slow tunes and mixes ambient with epic doomcore...

News · 05. luglio 2019
BAEST – release new single/video “As Above So Below” and kick off album presales for “Venenum”

News · 17. marzo 2019
Corners of Sanctuary Release New Single and Music Video

News · 18. febbraio 2019
Onsetcold New Single Official Video Buried Empty Grave

News · 21. novembre 2018
Mexican Standoff, new lyric video for Barbarossastraße

News · 10. settembre 2018
KilliT new single video “Waiting For The Day”