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News · 06. novembre 2019
"Hiding Places", the first single of PIC

News · 03. novembre 2019
"First Race", the debut album of the Hell Riders is now available!

News · 03. novembre 2019
"Dynasty" is the original debut single of the band. The track is a progressive energetic hard rock tune which refers to bullying and to the current broken generation. The band felt it an important message to share, coming from personal experience. The song refers to a child who was bullied throughout his childhood and who realised how cruel people can become. ‘Dynasty’ refers to the hate he received from his surroundings and the current generation which often has an apathetic attitude...

News · 23. ottobre 2019
First news about the debut EP of the "PIC"

News · 12. ottobre 2019
Franco Giaffreda - "Gli strani giorni di NOInNessUNO" was released.

News · 11. ottobre 2019
The new Hangarvain album "The Great Machine" has been released.

News · 10. ottobre 2019
M.I.L.F. Announce New Album “Rolling Thunder”, First Details Revealed

News · 25. settembre 2019
KAT - New upcoming video and Judas Priest’ “Electric Eye” live at Cover Festival

News · 23. settembre 2019
"Radio”, New Mutonia video

News · 27. agosto 2019
Dirty Rats: Announce New Album End in Tears and Release Date Friday 13th

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