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News · 24. febbraio 2019
Lysithea Releasing Their New Album “Star-Crossed”

News · 17. dicembre 2018
“Dawn” the new album for My Darkest Time

News · 19. ottobre 2018
U.S. Christmas: Appalachian mountains' dark space rock institution to release early recordings

News · 29. settembre 2018
Sorrows Path, the lyric video for the song “My Chosen God”

News · 27. agosto 2018
METALITALIA.COM FEST 2018: ELDRITCH forced to cancel, WHITE SKULL step in!

News · 06. giugno 2018, Eagle Booking Live Promotion and Vertigo are proud to finally present you the program for this year's Festival.

News · 18. maggio 2018
OBSOLETE THEORY: first song from "Mudness"