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News · 05. marzo 2019
Thomas Silver Italian Dates 2019

News · 23. novembre 2018
The new album of Thomas Silver - former Hardcore Superstar - is out now

News · 07. novembre 2018
Volcano Rock Fest: two shows in Milan and Berlin this week

News · 26. ottobre 2018
Thomas Silver, former Hardcore Superstar: new lyric video and a special Japanese release

News · 05. ottobre 2018
New video for Thomas Silver, former Hardcore Superstar, with Lindsay Kemp

News · 19. settembre 2018
Public Eye of Thomas Silver is out to anticipate the new album

News · 13. agosto 2018
In September, Fuck You We Rock Fest with Thomas Silver headliner

News · 24. luglio 2018
The Gospel According To Thomas: details of the new album from the former Hardcore Superstar guitarist

News · 16. luglio 2018
New album after the summer for Thomas Silver, former Hardcore Superstar