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News · 27. agosto 2019
Dirty Rats: Announce New Album End in Tears and Release Date Friday 13th

News · 27. agosto 2019
Mutonia: “Come Over” from the new EP coming out in December

News · 23. agosto 2019
Leftover Bullets' new single and new video clip

News · 12. agosto 2019
News italian hard rock band FIVE WAYS TO NOWHERE!

News · 11. agosto 2019
DUANE MORANO To Open For Tesla, Celebrates ‘80S Metal On Debut Album, ‘Incognito’ 

News · 01. agosto 2019
Venus Mountains: Tours in Russia

News · 26. luglio 2019
QUEENSRŸCHE release lyric video for “Bent” Kick Off European Summer Tour

News · 17. luglio 2019
Planistry's new immersive single takes you to the childhood sceneries in the summertime

News · 06. luglio 2019
The Tale Of The Inconsistent God is the second chapter born from the creativity of Steve Remnant, Italian-American author, composer and screenwriter who, after his debut in 2018, created another dark and enigmatic work in which classic heavy metal, hard rock and progressive blend to give the listener a mystical journey through the story of an evil and perverse god, and his rise to power. For the occasion the mysterious mastermind that never revealed his identity, involved a group of experienced...

News · 04. luglio 2019
GALLOWS POLE - This Is Rock Cover, Tracklist, Release Date: 30th August 2019

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