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News · 19. aprile 2020
Heavy Music Artwork Arte Divina re-release Pre-Order now open

News · 16. aprile 2020
Fraser Edwards reveals details for new album, ‘The Architect’; launches video for first single, “Stop Saying We Sound Like Dragonforce”

News · 27. marzo 2020
Leftover Bullets release the cover and track list of the new album

News · 15. giugno 2019
PICTURE, Wings Cover, Tracklist, Release Date: 16th August 2019

News · 14. giugno 2019
DPERD reveal cover and tracklist of new album "Allein"

News · 28. gennaio 2019
Red Cain Reveal Album Artwork and Track Listing “Kindred: Act I”

News · 27. settembre 2018
MULE SKINNER: veteran underground death/grind warriors present their crushing second album!

News · 03. settembre 2018
Rognir released debut album

News · 09. giugno 2018
KILL NO ALBATROSS Premiere New Video "Apex Predator" via SpaceUntravel and new EP "Speak True Evil" Out July 13th

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