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About Me

Valeria Campagnale, born in Como on April 15, 1970, grew up with a predisposition for a music genre tending towards harder rock, growing up between punk, dark and metal.
She attended an educated art, remaining in the artistic field, she preferred to follow the musical world, beginning to collaborate with foreign music publications, including the American My Global Mind, and some Italian as Metal Wave and Insane Voices Labirynth.

Writing articles, reviews, live reports and interviews, she had the opportunity to get in touch with famous rock musicians such as Chris Holmes (ex WASP), Chip Z'Nuff (ex Enuff'Z'Nuff) and the Italian rocker Pino Scotto, with whom a deep friendship was born in 1991.
Her interest and involvement led Valeria to create her webzine Rockers And Other Animals and later to take the reins and ownership of Insane Voices Labirynth.

In June 2019, after receiving the promo of her latest album "The Court Of The Insane", by the English band Sacrilege, of the German record company Pure Steel Records, she met the founding member Bill Beadle.
Bill, after reading his review and receiving the questions for the interview, favourably impressed by the personal interest of Valeria, fan of the band since 1982, proposes her to take care of the management of the band and the press office.
She is currently following with interest the artistic work of the band, she is organizing and making the video for "The Court Of The Insane" and "In Hell 2020".

The natural consequence was to create a Press Office Agency and finally a record label, to stay in touch with the musical world and the musicians themselves.

In her private life, Valeria has always been a voluntary animal activist, taking care of the most unfortunate and needy animals, expanding her family, continuing to love art in all its forms and remaining a rebellious soul.


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Rockers And Other Animals® is a registered trademark

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Valeria is SACRILEGE
Band Manager, Press Office and Producer

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