Greek Power-Prog Metal band, FORTRESS UNDER SIEGE, have released their new album ‘Atlantis‘

Greek Power-Prog Metal band, FORTRESS UNDER SIEGE, have released their new album ‘Atlantis‘, rockers and other animals

Greek Power-Prog Metal band, FORTRESS UNDER SIEGE, have released their new album ‘Atlantis‘ today via ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records under exclusive licence from Metal Mad Music. The album can be ordered the links below.


Amazon - http://bit.ly/amznfortress
ROAR - https://bit.ly/roarfortress
Digital - https://backl.ink/142623828


Atlantis ist ein starkes Metal-Album geworden. 8/10 Deaf Forever Magazin


Fortress Under Siege is a band that is composed of talent both at musicianship and song writing. 8/10 Metal-Temple


Mit „Atlantis“, legt Fortress Under Siege, ein ordentliches Pfund vor. 7.5/10 Crossfire-Metal

Atlantis offering listeners strongly guitar-centric melodic and heavy power metal. Recommended for fans of the genre. 4/5 Dangerdog.com

FORTRESS UNDER SIEGE have recently released three videos for the songs:


1. Love Enforcer
2. Lords of Death
3. Atlantis
4. Holding a Breath
5. Silence of Our Words
6. Vengeance
7. Seventh Son
8. Lethe
9. Spartacus
10. Hector’s Last Fight
11. Time For Rage
12. The Road Unknown


The Return of the Greek Power-Prog Masters FORTRESS UNDER SIEGE ! ‘Atlantis‘ includes 50 minutes of Power-Prog Metal, 12 tracks, 10 full songs and 2 small instrumentals.


The lyrical themes vary from ancient Hellenic mythology like the mythical ancient king Theseus in “Seventh Son“, or the legendary duel of Trojan prince Hector with mighty Achilles in “Hector’s Last Fight“, to Spartacus as the everlasting symbol of struggle for freedom against tyranny and oppression in his self-titled song and comic hero Conan, as seen in the 1982 movie masterpiece of John Milius in “Vengeance“, or a quick reference to fierce Viking warriors in “Lords of Death“. Furthermore, there are other songs with a social-sensitive view describing problems like the one of overprotecting mothers in “Love Enforcer“, or school bullying in “Time for Rage” and the problems of human communication in “Silence of Our Words“. Last but not least, there is the self-titled “Atlantis” which is an allegory for all those things that you yearn and desire and you seek your entire life but you never reach, like a femme fatale, always in vain and a beautiful ballad called “The Road Unknown” which refers to unfulfilled dreams.



Tasos Lazaris – Vocals
Fotis Sotiropoulos – Lead Guitars
Themis Gourlis – Rhythm Guitars
George Georgiou – Keyboards
Alex Stavrakas – Bass
Dimitris Kapoukakis – Drums



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