Barbar’O’Rhum Releases Sophomore Album With San Diego based Mannequin Vanity Records

Barbar’O’Rhum Releases Sophomore Album With San Diego based Mannequin Vanity Records rockers and other animals

Pirate/Metal/Punk band from France Barbar’O’Rhum have signed to Mannequin Vanity Records (MVR) and are
releasing their 2nd full-length album October 30th 2020.


The album will be called Journal de B’O’R and it is a substantial upgrade from their first self-released album. Containing eleven tracks for almost an hour and six minutes of Rock ‘n’ Rum, Journal de B’O’R has more shredding guitars and more double-bass with the same wide variety of folk instruments fans love of this band. The album is a fully-themed party from start to finish and you can’t help but swig rum and talk like a pirate while listening! Journal de B’O’R will be available worldwide on 10/30.


You can view the album teaser here:


Music Video Teaser for “Pirate Des Champs” (out October 16th) here:


Supplementing the album, the band releases a music video for “Pirate des Champs” 10/16 and a lyric video on 11/7.


Barbar’O’Rhum was created by Captain Barbedrut (Les
Compagnons du Gras Jambon, Libertalia). Being a huge fan of history, folkpunk and piracy, his goal was to create a band that mixed contemporary and traditional influences and combined elements of Celtic Punk with Pirate Folk Metal. Drawing inspiration from Sea Shanties, Traditional Folk Music, Celtic Rock, Irish Punk and Folk Metal, Barbar'O'Rhum offers a unique and innovative style called “Rock 'n' Rum.”
While featuring many traditional instruments like gaita, tin whistle, irish bouzouki, hurdy-gurdy and percussion (bendir, cajon, darbuka, finger cymbals and tambourine) the music is also supported by synth/keys (accordion, harp, harpsichord, marimba, music box, violin). The band also boasts modern punk and metal influences and has shredding electric guitars with double-bass. In addition to the wide array of sounds, these pirate-punkers complete their show with costumes influenced by real pirate clothes, and lyrics which are inspired by maritime legends and stories of actual pirates. Their sophomore album Journal de B’O’R will be coming out 10/30 on Mannequin Vanity Records.

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