DARK RITES "The Dark Hymns" New Premiere Lyric Video "Shadow God

DARK RITES "The Dark Hymns" New Premiere Lyric Video "Shadow God" rockers and other animals

In The Dark Hymns., DARK RITES  shape their music with the highest proficiency in unrelenting-intensity phrasal-riff death metal that vary its texture and pauses inertia long enough to ram a militant and uncompromising aesthetic down the throats of their listeners.

Rippling textures of chords thrust home like a battlefield execution form the raw skin from which this band twist phrases that contort, transform and rediscover their origins as they mutate over the course of a song.  

DARK RITES transforms a handful of notes into a spindly arcology of ideas which clarify in a resolving riff.

DARK RITES members:
Wojtek Widuch - Guitars, Bass
Randy Kaciak - Drums
Kole Cook "Blooded" - Vocals 
1.Divine Duplicity
2.Goliath, the coward
3.In Stasis
7.Shadow God
8.The Devils Heroes
9.The Great Halcyon War

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