RONNIE ABEILLE: "RAGNAROK", Second Single Out In September! Featuring KORY CLARKE As Special Guest.

RONNIE ABEILLE_RAGNAROK_Single_KORY CLARKE_rockers and other animals

"Ragnarok", new single of Dancing Scrap's singer and founding member Ronnie Abeille, will be out in September.

Kory Clarke from Warrior Soul will be a special guest.

Second solo single after "Streets of poison", "Ragnarok" anticipates the album "Hell or nothing", which will be
published within the end of 2020 by Agoge Records.


1 - Deliverance
2 - Streets of poison
3 - Stand tall
4 - Wonderland
5 - Heart of the Monster
6 - Weapon X
7 - Truth
8 - The killing joke
9 - Ragnarok
10 - Father
11 - If Looks Could Kill

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"Streets of poison" Official Video

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