Sublunary Live at the Abandoned Roman Theatre

Sublunary, Live, Abandoned Roman Theatre, rockers and other animals

Sublunary, a one of a kind 6 piece band founded in Egypt with members spanning across 4 countries, makes their powerful debut performance a year after the release of their first EP. Their infectious performance of "Harmonix" off of their self titled EP is filmed at the seaside Roman Theatre which has been abandoned for years.

Sublunary, Live, Abandoned Roman Theatre, rockers and other animals
Sublunary is a UK-based multinational group with members spanning from Egypt, Syria, Portugal, and the UK. With a truly diverse sound, the band blends genres in a head banging, hip-swinging, blend of progressive rock inspired music. Their line up includes:
Ahmed Diaa - Piano, Keyboards
Carlos Bras - Drums
Gamaleldin Ghaffar - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Hadi Birajakli - Lead Guitar
Ramy Abul-Ata - Bass, Guitar
Tom Bell - Guitar, Sound Design

As an independent band filming their debut live performance they invested a lot of thought into what would come to be the first visual representation of the band. They wanted to create a production that was bold and made a strong impression, while successfully translating the intense and infectious energy of one of their live gigs. This all came together after they came across the grand structure that is the Roman Theatre or Stad El Romany. The theatre has been abandoned for years, and while its hall hasn’t been filled in ages it still houses powerful residual energy. As a band hailing from Egypt a big part of their mission is emphasizing the importance of music, art, and creative initiatives. The theatre was abandoned as a result of the negligence of art in the community, and thus offered a perfect opportunity for them to make a comment on inspiring a revival in the arts by giving life to its stunning stage once again. 

Their self-titled debut 4-track EP was released last year on all digital streaming platforms. The group grew up listening to these progressive rock records and hope to make concept albums in the future, the main idea behind our E.P was to ‘test the waters’ so to speak, through 4 different songs that would hopefully attract different audiences. Harmonix itself was inspired by our love of Alternative Rock and Jazz fusion. Combining jazz chords with a Chilli Peppers feel. "Our whole idea as a band is diversity, in our members, team, and mostly our music. It's important for us to send a message to our audiences to try and overcome stigmas, and challenge their own way of thinking."

The audio for the film itself was recorded live at Ganoub Studio in Cairo, with the help of Amr Hefny (sound engineer - record producer). The audio files were then transported back to the UK and placed in the hands of Tom Bell, who has recently been officially instated as the sixth member of the band, and has acted as long time producer for Sublunary. The video was created in collaboration with the genius behind Happy Days Films and a long-time member of the Sublunary family, Greg J. Philipon. He was flown in from Marseille last summer in 2019. The shoot for the video itself was conducted in two days, using one camera, and virtually no budget.

Sublunary have releasrd their live performance on their YouTube channel on Friday, August 14th, 2020.

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