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East Hills, NY, August 7, 2020—The Daily Music Break (www.dailymusicbreak.com) has launched "Beyond YouTube: Mapping Music on the Internet", an extensive guide aimed at helping people navigate the huge and disorganized world of online music.
The guide features about 30 categories, encompassing subtopics such as rock, jazz, album art, song covers, regional music sites, parental guides and sites for musicians. The project will grow over time and the categories will evolve with that growth.
"There is an amazing amount of great music and related information on the Internet", said site publisher Carl Weinschenk. "Hopefully, the guide will provide at least some order and coherence to people's search for all that great content. The goals are to enable folks to find what they want more quickly and surf more productively."
Each site is linked to and described. The descriptions generally are taken from sites' "about" pages or their social media sites. There also is a "links only" page.
Owners are invited to send in information about their sites. The guide also invites people to sendin links to favorite lesser known sites. Contributors will be credited by name, initials or not at all.



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