POWERSQUAD: The fourth album Mysterizer out

POWERSQUAD:  The fourth album Mysterizer out

The fourth album "Mysterizer" by Ukrainian Symphonic Prog Power Metallers Powersquad is out.


Dimitriy comments: "It took about 4 years to make it happen. So, we had a lot of time to compose and think about all the songs on this opus, along with making a top-notch production. Some tracks like "Fill the Sky", "Return From The Grey" and "Mysterizer" sound really crazy and not typical for the Power Metal genre! But we tried to put something fresh, not just standard "verse-chorus-verse-chorus" pattern with shitload of doublebassdrums. I hope you'll enjoy this one!"


Purchase: https://powersquad.bandcamp.com/album/mysterizer


Album tracklist:
1.Book Of Myths

2.Fill The Sky

3.Return From The Grey


5.Endless Sun



8.To The Land

9.Gardens Of Eden

10.Cold (Bonus Track)


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