Plaga release new album titled 20XX.

Plaga presents the awaited new album titled 20XX, a work with conceptual themes in which each song represents a stage that humanity itself lives. World control, lies, pleasure, anger, rebellion are part of the proposals that the band brings us and which will clearly be an important part of this year.
The Chilean band has achieved a more mature sound and demonstrates this through this powerful album of great musical quality. 20XX is a roller coaster of emotions, sharp guitars, eccentric melodies and rhythms that you will not take lightly, groove metal with grunge overtones fused in such a way that it is impossible not to get hooked with any song.

Plague is a sample of the good work that can be done and delivered, good time management, professional, good and transcendental that can become.
20XX is the second album of the band and it has videos of the singles Tras las sombras, whose release was before the album, and Amanacer, a lyric video that shows various nuances without neglecting their roots and for which they have made a name within the circuit, both themes portray the light and gray that you can find throughout their album.
We can only add and highlight that Plaga is one of those bands that you should listen to, his album 20XX will really blow your mind.


Juan Pablo Gilbert: Voz

Benjamín Maturana: Guitarra / Segunda Voz

Nicolás Luna: Guitarra

Juan ‘Dondi’ Ossandón: Bajo

Felipe Urqueta: Batería








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