Celeb Car Crash:  Release The New Single / Video  'Poor Me’

The alternative / grunge quartet from northern Italy presents its new face with an extraordinary track which will prepare the ground for the band's next album, tentatively scheduled for early 2021.
The great work of the talented artist Erika Errante on the official video, combined with a sound which has never been so focused and tight, makes it an interesting and fresh psychedelic journey, a must for any Seattle-sound lover.

Nicola Briganti, singer and founder of the band adds: "The journey of Mr. Brancusi (protagonist of the video) is the journey of all of us in the modern world, there is a Beckettian goad, something to chase. There is homologation and the "harmful" search for self-improvement. It is a wonderful "short" hybrid between 3D and 2D. It goes even through the video-clip conception and it becomes a visual storytelling.
Two years after our latest studio work, we are stoked for the release of "Poor me", one of the fastest and most energetic pieces of our discography! Be ready, it's just the beginning. "

‘Poor Me’ is available now on all streaming serviceshttp://hyperurl.co/0mdsbf

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