EIEN, "Down This Road" (Modern Heavy Metal) - New Video

"Down This Road" (Modern Heavy Metal) - New Video
Without giving in to the after effect of the quarantine chaos, the Athenian Modern Metallers EIEN, 
present the official video clip of "Down This Road" song, from their latest album "In This Game".
When the "In This Game" album was released, at the end of 2019, 
it was obvious to the Greek metal audience that these guys have returned, full of energy & new ideas. 
The new video confirms our first impression. These 5 guys unfold their metal aggressiveness by giving their 
own performance inside a studio, through a black and white scenery. 
Firmed rhythm section, dynamic drumming and aggressive (almost hostile) riffs, all bonded perfectly with brutal & distorted vocals.  

The shootings took place at Encore Studios by Manolis Papantonis, who was also the director.

The Recordings of the album took place at U217 & Encore Studios (production Vlasis Ketsilis, mastering Steve Lado).

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