Natan Rondelli, the new single 'Someone' out next July 21st

Natan Rondelli is a young and emerging artist from Bologna: singer, guitarist and composer. Two albums to his credit: In A Soundless Land (2011) and Someone Will Save You (2015); and New Eyes, an EP concept released in 2019.
His music, visionary and evocative, is an international rock with symphonic and psychedelic influences. In his productions characterized by a deep and maniacal sound research is in fact given ample space to strings, guitars and synthesizers and his arrangements betray the strong references to the 70s. Needless to mention the listening of his formation, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull and Led Zeppelin, etc., which have artistically marked him. In his songs, the electric and overbearing 'riffs' coexist with the soft movements of strings to form wide expanses of sound, musical atmospheres capable of transporting the attentive listener.

With the new single 'Someone', out on 21 July 2020 accompanied by an official video, Natan Rondelli, brings his musical vision back to an acoustic level, the electric 'sound' is set aside for the moment. His musical research continues to have solid roots in the past, but his poetic gracefulness is fresh and light. The song speaks to everyone, no one excluded and, interpretable on different levels, easily captivates with its dreamy atmosphere. We are all in a constant and spasmodic search for something or someone, lost, until we find ourselves, the only thing worth searching for so much.

Someone' is coming out for the Big Tree Music label, next July 21st on all digital platforms and YouTube with an official video.

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