Chernaa, new lyric video for the song “As I Succumbed”

Noizr Productions proudly presents new lyric video for the song “As I Succumbed” from the album of Czech post-black metal act Chernaa, titled "Empyrean Fire".


"With “As I Succumbed” we tried to reproduce the calm melancholic feeling of acceptance of being agonized without the resist, both in real and in mental worlds. Tranquillity, succumbing, extremity."

Link: https://youtu.be/tT59imzyBsI


The album has a great atmosphere, quality sound and strong mood from beginning till the end of the record. “Empyrean Fire” is received rave reviews from critics and fans alike:


“Chernaa’s ability to meld aggression and melody, all with a singular personality, is what sets them apart from the pack” – Metal Hammer (UK)


“…excellently executed making the entire release something to truly behold” – Cadaver Garden


Chernaa is a black-metal band based in Prague, Czech Republic. The band has an international line-up, including musicians from the Czech Republic, Ukraine, and Russia. Music is taken from higher planes of consciousness. Raw emotions played through saddened guitar riffs and wistful melodic combinations drag the listener through the forest of thoughts. It was created to enjoy those beautiful and painful melancholic desolations around us.

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